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  1. MeganStar

    New Grad in Public Health

    Hello all, I am a new grad nurse. I just started part time at a home health/public health agency. I may be moving to full time in the coming weeks. With that being said, I will be helping out with the flu/immunization clinics this month. I have never given a shot to anyone under the age of 16. There will be plenty young children and babies coming to these clinics. Any advice on how to make the child/baby feel more comfortable before and during the shot? I am comfortable administering shots to adults, but I am somewhat nervous over giving shots to screaming babies. Any advice is much appreciated.
  2. MeganStar

    Decisions, decisions.

    Hello all, I'm not sure if my thread is in the appropriate place, but here goes nothing. I am a new grad nurse (graduated in June, passed boards in July). I will be having my first interview with an agency that I'm very interested in working at. However, there's one problem: Health insurance. I am currently on Medicaid. Once I start working, I will be without Medicaid or any health insurance for the first three months. The reason this presents a problem is because I just got some somewhat worrisome news from my physician. I'm not going to go into any details, but I had a routine screening done last week, and the results came back abnormal. I am being referred to a specialist...With the possibility of it being cancer. With that being said, I can't afford to pay out of pocket for additional testing (if I get this job). Do I put off my first nursing job so that I can stay on Medicaid and undergo further testing?... I really can't afford to wait several more months before I start working.. and I can't really afford to put off these additional tests and wait until I get health insurance with my employer. I feel stuck.
  3. MeganStar

    Migraines and nursing?

    Based on what I have gotten so far, it would be a good idea NOT to disclose any information about my migraines to a potential employer. That's good to know because I will start interviewing for jobs soon. Also, thank you for the FMLA recommendation. I understand that you have to work so long before getting it, but I will definitely take advantage of that if necessary.
  4. MeganStar

    Shut off at 83 questions

    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. MeganStar

    Not so great Kaplan scores, still passed NCLEX

    Congratulations.. My Question Trainer scores started out pretty bad, but then I ended up with a 60% and 61% on QT 6 and 7. I took my NCLEX about 44 hours ago... Waiting on quick results, and hoping Kaplan paid off :)
  6. MeganStar

    Shut off at 83 questions

    I'm sure I'll cry too when I find out... Hopefully they are tears of joy :) 4 hours left of waiting... eek
  7. MeganStar

    Took the NCLEX-RN yesterday

    I also took the NCLEX yesterday!! I can relate to your pain of worry since then, lol. I also had about 20 SATA, but no math, or any other alternate format questions. My test shut off after question #83, which is a weird number because it sounds like the majority of people either have 75 questions or 265. I haven't tried the PVT, because apparently it has charged people the $200, even if they DID pass... And those people couldn't get their money back. I would rather wait the 48 hours for quick results. If you were a good student and prepared well, it's very likely that you pass. The majority of people with 75 questions pass. Now, here's to fast forwarding the next 24 hours or so!
  8. MeganStar

    Shut off at 83 questions

    The first few questions of the NCLEX I thought were easy... But throughout the test, I had some questions that were especially difficult for me and had to make a guess. I was a "B" student in nursing school, and it was a very tough program. So I'd like to think that odds are in my favor. I would also hope that if I failed, I would have failed with 150+ questions. Not so early on.
  9. MeganStar

    Shut off at 83 questions

    Thank you both. I don't know of too many people who have failed in 85 questions or less, so that is keeping me optimistic. But still.. Is it Thursday yet?!
  10. MeganStar

    Shut off at 83 questions

    I took the NCLEX RN this afternoon, and my test shut off after 83 questions. I had around 20 SATA questions... I felt like I bombed it, as everyone does. My fellow classmates have all past so far with either 75 or 85 questions. I feel like 83 is just a "weird" number and not a solid number like 75 or 85. Anyone else pass with 83 questions? I cannot wait for these next 48 hours to pass by!
  11. MeganStar

    Taking NCLEX tomorrow

    Tomorrow is the big day. I'm taking the NCLEX tomorrow. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.... I don't feel terribly confident, however I have been doing the Kaplan Q bank and trainers, and my scores have increased over the last few weeks. I've also been doing Saunders. Any last minute advice? Anyone else taking it 7/28?
  12. MeganStar

    New Grad LTC

    Extremely helpful, thanks fellow Coloradoan! :) Although like a few posters mentioned, 6 months of orientation in LTC as a new grad is unheard of. Based on what I'm finding out, I would be lucky to get 2-3 weeks. I want to be somewhat picky with orientation and nurse to pt ratio, but I feel if I'm TOO picky, I will be waiting several months before I can find a job...and I can't do that. Thanks again for your helpful reply
  13. MeganStar

    Nursing loans really that bad? 120K

    I just received my ASN (ADN) from a local community college. My student loan debt after the 2 years is around $13,000. I can't even fathom paying $120,000
  14. MeganStar

    Migraines and nursing?

    Hi there, Change in sleep habits are absolutely a trigger for me.... But unfortunately that is only one trigger. My triggers include stress, hunger, dehydration, heat, monthly hormonal changes, among others. I cannot determine the trigger with about 1/3 of my migraines. I also take Maxalt, but am only allowed so many per month. I would run out by the end of the month if I took one with each Migraine. However, I will save my Maxalt for the days that I work. It would be a dream come true to only have to deal with a couple migraines per year. My dad had to file for disability many years ago because of debilitating migraines. It is my goal and hope that I never get to that point.
  15. MeganStar

    New Grad LTC

    I am a new grad, ASN (taking the NCLEX on 7/28) and am interested in LTC. In fact, the reason why I wanted to become a nurse was to work with the geriatric population. I don't ever see myself in acute care. That being said, I do have some questions regarding LTC: How much orientation should a new grad receive? What is a safe or "good" nurse to patient ratio? ( I am seeing a lot of insane ratios like 1:45 or 1:50... I am hoping that is not the norm) What is the average pay for a new grad in LTC? (I will be living in the Denver area, where cost of living is quite high) Thanks in advance.
  16. MeganStar

    Craziest vitals on a person who lived?

    During my home health preceptorship, we had a patient who's standing BP was 32/22. Sitting, it was 50/32. He said he felt a little "dizzy." Apparently his BP was chronically hypotensive, but never that low. He agreed to go to the ER, but was sent back home a day later. Don't know what happened to him, however I believe he was put on hospice care not long after.