Taking NCLEX tomorrow


Tomorrow is the big day. I'm taking the NCLEX tomorrow. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous....

I don't feel terribly confident, however I have been doing the Kaplan Q bank and trainers, and my scores have increased over the last few weeks. I've also been doing Saunders.

Any last minute advice? Anyone else taking it 7/28?



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Just breath :) Don't change your answers and go with your gut. You know the info all you have to do is apply it!

A few little tips/tricks I used:

1. Never ask why

2. Never "pass the buck"

3. ASSESS before you implement!!! (This one is huge)

4. When being asked to chose a toy or activity for a certain age, no matter what the age, pick the most boring one (the one you personally wouldn't want to play with or do)

5. If there is already an assessment in the question, an implementation is usually your answer

Hope this helps!

Now get a good night's rest you're going to do just fine! Good Luck!

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Get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast and do NOT study anything tomorrow morning. In fact, if you're still studying, stop! You need to try and relax tonight.

Leave your phone in your car. There is no reason to take it in. They can't accuse you of looking at it on a break if it's in your car.

Take a break. Don't be afraid to do that. Especially if you've been sitting for a while. Get up and move around.

Don't be embarrassed to wear the noise canceling headphones. There were people taking a typing test in the same room I was taking boards. A friend said she didn't wear them because they were ugly. They helped me tremendously!