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Hello all,

I'm not sure if my thread is in the appropriate place, but here goes nothing.

I am a new grad nurse (graduated in June, passed boards in July). I will be having my first interview with an agency that I'm very interested in working at. However, there's one problem:

Health insurance. I am currently on Medicaid. Once I start working, I will be without Medicaid or any health insurance for the first three months. The reason this presents a problem is because I just got some somewhat worrisome news from my physician. I'm not going to go into any details, but I had a routine screening done last week, and the results came back abnormal. I am being referred to a specialist...With the possibility of it being cancer. With that being said, I can't afford to pay out of pocket for additional testing (if I get this job).

Do I put off my first nursing job so that I can stay on Medicaid and undergo further testing?... I really can't afford to wait several more months before I start working.. and I can't really afford to put off these additional tests and wait until I get health insurance with my employer. I feel stuck. :(

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I'm unclear why there will be a gap? In my experience my present insurance covers me through the month I resign at my previous job and the new insurance picks up the following month. If you haven't already make sure you have all the facts before making a decision. I guess the only other thing I can think, and without knowing the diagnosis, is maybe consider if you are going to be healthy enough to work while undergoing whatever treatment you might require. I hope this is a false alarm. Best wishes.