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  1. futurefotorn

    national university rn to bsn

    I finished my ADN degree. now looking to start my road for my BSN. Really leaning towards national university, prob the online track. anyone have some insight about the school, program, anything? thanks!
  2. futurefotorn

    Pass CA NCLEX RN!!

    I FINALLY passed by NCLEX RN! A little insight into my story.. I graduated exactly 2 years to the month.. i have attempted the NCLEX RN 5 times and i thought i as doomed. i thought i would never become a nurse and i thought i wasn't cut out to be one. Every time i failed, it knocked me down, it took my confidence and as well as my self esteem. it took a lot to get back up and do it over. I have tried every popular study tool on the market- hurst, kaplan, NCSBN, and even a private tutor. nothing worked!! i was hitting the marks each one said you should hit in order to be able to pass. Finally, i found the light. I found a live review course located in So CAL. Called- American Healthways education. This place is heaven sent! i did the extended programm (6 month) and when i finally realized i was UNDERSTANDING the content i started to do questions along with the review. I used UWORLD. I finally passed the NCLEX RN because of the live review center and UWORLD! Goodluck everyone on your journey & remember to never give up!!
  3. futurefotorn

    Pass CA NCLEX RN!!

    the only thing that seemed to work for me and keep my attention was the live review. you need to find what works for you.. medications are hard to memorize. need to know the generic names, so try and memorize the more common ones with the endings- "lol, pril, statin" etc etc and the general side effects and what to look our for. especially big ones. you will have meds show up on your exam that you never herd of (like i did) so you just have to take an educated guess. have a good review book and make sure you understand! then do questions along with the review to make sure you are comprehending the material. good luck!
  4. futurefotorn

    Pass CA NCLEX RN!!

    Thank you @nurseabc0 , i was hitting around the 60-65% mark. certain areas i did really well and others i did not. i think you are on the right track. as long as you are understanding the content and why you got the question wrong then thats what matters... not the score. so try not to focus all your attention on that. good luck!
  5. futurefotorn

    NCSBN Review, Worth it?

    Hey all, I am currently studying to take my NCLEX RN- and i need your advice and opinions! Is NCSBN worth it? I keep seeing such mixed reviews.. I have used Kaplan and hurst and i did not pass. Currently I am using the Kaplan- Strategies, practice and review book and just about completed it. Now i am thinking of also doing the NCSBN review course for a few weeks to get in more ques and possibly more content review. Is it worth it? People passed on it? Hated it? Please let me know! THANKS EVERYONE!
  6. futurefotorn

    get motivated to pass nclex after failing

    I NEED ADVICE! i am loosing any motivation to pass nclex! failed 2x and now studying for the 3rd time in the next couple months. i cannot stay focused and see myself wondering. i need help on how to get re-motivated and PASS THIS EXAM!! HELP!!!!
  7. futurefotorn

    get motivated to pass nclex after failing

    thank you all for your positive feedback. i need to remember I CAN DO THIS, and WE ALL CAN DO THIS! pray pray pray & please include me in your prayers!
  8. futurefotorn

    Nclex rn tutor for Los angeles

    Im trying to find a tutor to help me pass the nclex. Does anyone know where i can find one? Been googling for the last couple days and not much has been popping up. please help! thanks!
  9. futurefotorn

    Online options for RN-BSN/Rn-MSN

    Hello all! I really need some feedback on this. recently graduated an associates program and looking into doing either RN to BSN or RN to MSN programs. Looking into online options. Does anyone have ANY feedback regarding National university and Western Governors University online program? I am in california and those are the 2 that I've narrowed it down to. Would really love any input, feedback or advice! thanks!!
  10. futurefotorn

    How long to get your ATT for re-examination? (California)

    i took it the beg of april and within a week they sent my "did not pass letter" in which i turned around and sent in my re-app.
  11. futurefotorn

    How long to get your ATT for re-examination? (California)

    it took me a solid 2 months. i sent in my application right away and paid pearson asap as well and that didn't speed up everything. i even sent an email to complain it was past my 45 day mark and still took 2 weeks after to get the att. just study until then so you can sign up asap once you do get your att. good luck!
  12. futurefotorn

    Pearson Vue Trick.. Does it actually work?

    I'm hoping there is a glitch bc the same thing happened to me a week ago! i took it and i felt very confident going through the exam. it was my 2nd attempt and i got the "test is on hold" pop up for the first whole day then got the cc page.. still waiting on the results. will pray we both passed!
  13. futurefotorn

    feeling the pressure and anxiety..

    i took the nclex and did not pass. i am currently studying for the second time around and well.. my motivation is starting to go down. the negativism is starting to get to me and I'm starting to say "will this ever happen?" " will i get my license?" now.. i know thinking like this is the last thing i should be doing. but put yourself in my shoes... failed already.. it really takes the wind out of your sails. need some advice, lots of prayer, positive reinforcement, anything please thanks
  14. futurefotorn

    Kaplan Q-Bank...

    kaplan ques are easier than nclex. i felt like you could eliminate kaplan ques down compared to the real nclex.
  15. futurefotorn

    I thought I knew, but I had NO idea

    hello, just wanted to tell you i felt the same exact way when i started nursing school. a lot of people around me were either LVNs, CNAs or worked in the medical field. where as i, well... NO experience. I also felt blind sided with the material and overwhelmed. just know i struggled through nursing school and i felt like i had to put in 3x more effort then others in understanding the material. but know it will be worth it. just don't give up and keep pushing through! i made it through nursing school and you will too. also don't worry, you will get experience in clinicls and it will all start to click! just don't give up yet and realize the time will come soon enough. GOODLUCK with your journey.
  16. futurefotorn

    Passed with 75 questions in 3rd attempt!!!!!!

    congrats!! i am on the road to my 2nd attempt. please pray for me for i will be taking the test very soon. best of luck to your future!
  17. futurefotorn

    Re-taking NCLEX RN but no att?

    hello all, i did not pass nclex rn (california) in the beg in of april and i immediently sent in my re-app to retake it maybe a week after when i got my 'did not pass letter'. My 45 days are up and past. i haven't herd from the BRN about my ATT and when i can sign up for pearson vue? Does anyone know the process and info about this? it says to wait to signup for pearson until they "green light" me to do so. should i just pay the pearson vue 200$ fee? how long is this gonna take so i can retake the exam?? IM LOST! please help!!! THANKS!
  18. futurefotorn

    Tricky/Unfair Nursing professor..HELP

    I am currently going into my 4th semester of nursing school and into my FINAL class.. its advance med surg- critical care. I am repeating this class because the current professor FAILED 6 students out of 20. i was short by 3 points! i know nursing school is hard and trust me i have had hard teachers but this one is UNREAL. she will tell us to study for A,B,C and then the test comes and its X,Y,Z. she has 35 years of experience under her belt and she thinks we should have the knowledge like her to answer these ques. She tricks us on purpose because she is "testing" us. We go over exams and the answers ARE WRONG. she wont give us rationals! so she "reviews" exams and will hand one person 5 extra points another 1 point. she doesnt EXPLAIN what ques was given a point or not so we are never told the RIGHT ANSWER! it is all VERY CONFUSING! I need help on advice what to do. we went to the head of the department and she was shocked she treated us this way. the professor was talking down to us and even COMPARING us to her other students from another school. My dean was upset and seemed concerned. YET she is RETEACHING the same class! my dean says " well.... its her class.. her rules" i can not fail this class again. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
  19. futurefotorn

    Passed NCLEX-RN Exam 2nd attempt :)

    CONGRATS!!!! i hope to be in your boat in another month. i took the exam in the beg in april and did not pass. i went in calm but once i was past around 130ish ques i started getting anxious and feeling overwhelmed and then the doubt settled in. i think thats what hurt me the most. it is very discouraging and i mourned the loss (i know sounds crazy) for a couple days then decided i am not going to let this tear me down! i AM suppose to be a nurse! :) so i am studying smarter now and not relying on just ques, getting strong on my content! best of luck on the next chapter of life. pray i am in your same boat next month!!
  20. futurefotorn

    FAILED THE NCLEX! please help..

    So i took my nclex for the first time today.. And i did not pass. I feel miserable and want to crawl in a hole. i did hurst for content review and kaplan for ques. I finished basically all of the kaplan ques and scoring from mid 50s-mid60s% I was pretty calm taking the test.. i figured i was going up and down on their line bc i was getting a few SATA in a row then back to choosing one answer then back to multiple SATA. i ended at about 205 ques when the computer shut off. What do i do now? how do i recover? I know i have to wait 45 days to retest but how does this all work? any advice will help! thanks everyone!
  21. futurefotorn

    2nd Time Pass Sucess

    how did you utilize kaplan better? i am currently using it for just pract ques.. what do you think?
  22. futurefotorn

    Nclex RN BreeZe account

    PLEASE HELP!! This whole new process they came up with to process our applications is very stressful! I am going on 60 days with NO RESPONSE or CHANGE or ATT! The breeze account i have does not show ANY activity. People talk about it showing "pending" or showing a "ip code" i have NONE of that! I log into my breeze account and all it says is Welcome blablabla choose from the list below... and it shows options like choose this application or this. nothing about MY STATUS or ANYTHING! HELP!!!!!!!
  23. futurefotorn

    national university rn to bsn

    thanks for clarifying !
  24. futurefotorn

    Kaplan content review videos

    hello all! Using kaplan to study for the NCLEX RN, i am currently using hurst review videos and then followed by kaplan ques. kaplan does have some content review videos though.. started to watch.. but such a bore.. (sorry to say) wondering who used kaplan as their study tool before the nclex and found the videos to be beneficial or of no use? any advice will help! thanks everyone!
  25. futurefotorn

    I PASSED!!!

    congrats! any tips??