NCSBN Review, Worth it?


  1. Ncsbn Review, worth it?

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Hey all,

I am currently studying to take my NCLEX RN- and i need your advice and opinions!

Is NCSBN worth it? I keep seeing such mixed reviews..

I have used Kaplan and hurst and i did not pass.

Currently I am using the Kaplan- Strategies, practice and review book and just about completed it.

Now i am thinking of also doing the NCSBN review course for a few weeks to get in more ques and possibly more content review.

Is it worth it?

People passed on it?

Hated it?

Please let me know!



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I used the KAPLAN review course only. It really helped me solidify my existing knowledge and gave me a few tips. I passed my NCLEX on the first try with 75 questions. I would say any additional study material you can get your hands on would be worth it. This is your future career you are playing with, and every little bit helps. Good Luck!


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Well i took the nclex on december and failed. I studied kaplan wish i love, but i didnt pass. Im not blaming kaplan, it was my fault, this time im mixing kaplan and ncsbn with lacharity. I have to say that ncsbn looks exactly like nclex. I had questions almost exactly the same. Good luck 😁


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I just took the NCLEX on Feb 2nd and passed with 75 questions. I used NCSBN and really liked it! I did not have time to go through the entire program, but I did do most of the practice questions and I truly think they are very comparable to NCLEX. The program does involve a lot of reading, so if that's not your thing, this may not be right for you.