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  1. nurse_w91

    ncsbn RN Review

    Yes i loved it! Failed the first time and only used kaplan. Second time around used ncsbn, lacharity and kaplan and passed :)
  2. nurse_w91

    Content vs practice questions

    While doing questions and reading every rational you are studying content and retaining the information much better
  3. nurse_w91

    Passed Nclex RN !! Second try ;)

    I just did the questions, read every rational and wrote it down. I used binaural beats since day one because I cant retain info or last more than one hour studying 🙈 Drank a good cup of coffee, dark chocolate by my side and candies, binaural beats with headphones and 200-250 questions a day. Thats what helped me
  4. nurse_w91

    Passed Nclex RN !! Second try ;)

    For priority questions the best that i have found is Lacharity priority and delegation book. The questions are kind of hard but it really teaches you how to answer!
  5. nurse_w91

    Passed Nclex RN !! Second try ;)

    1st time I used Kaplan and read the entire book and failed at 75 questions. I cried for almost a week, I felt I couldnt pass that test no matter what I did. 2nd time I focused more on how to answer questions. I didnt read a book, I didnt focus on content because by reading your rationals you are already getting content. I bought NCSBN, La Charity and the last week I did one Kaplan Q trainer per day. I did from 200-250 questions daily, and i read every single rational and wrote them down because that helps me retain info, I used binaural beats on youtube also to retain info and stay focused, I dont know if it was a placebo effect or not but it did helped me. I didnt read pharm, or any specific topic. I just did questions and tried to understand every single one of the rationals. I used 3 weeks to study. The last day I didnt really study, I went and got my manicure and pedicure and at night I read the 35 pages that is circulating around. The day of the exam I did 265 questions in 5 hours, got home and tried the pvt trick with a gift card and got the good pop up. And the following morning saw my name on the BON page with a BIG PASS !! Im so happyyy , I feel so relieved. If I could do it, you can do it too. Ohh I also looked up arrhythmias on pinterest so that I could see what they looked like and what drugs they needed and their complications and boy was I glad I did that 😜 Good Luck!!!!! Any questions, please feel free to pm me
  6. nurse_w91

    NCSBN---low scores

    Dont worry about the scores, worry about reading every rational and understanding why you got it wrong. I had similar scores and passed yesterday 😁
  7. nurse_w91

    Is Pearson Vue Trick still working?

    On my states BON page! My name was on it with a pig PASSED
  8. nurse_w91

    Is Pearson Vue Trick still working?

    Mine said the same thing And it still worked 😁😁
  9. nurse_w91

    Is Pearson Vue Trick still working?

    I just found out i passed !!!
  10. nurse_w91


    I did my nclex yesterday. After 2 hrs I did the PVT and got the good pop up and today i just found out i passed!!!
  11. nurse_w91

    Is Pearson Vue Trick still working?

    Same thing happened to me. I tested today 2/26, it ended in 264 :/ and got home 2 hours later , did the pvt and got the good pop up. I hope its right cause im freaking out!!!!!
  12. nurse_w91

    FAILED NCLEX (2015). Need advice, please.

    Well i failed on 12/17. I cried for almost 2 days but we have to keep going. Its not the end, its just a simple test. This time Im doing NCSBN , Kaplan and Lacharity. Im trying to get the hang of answering questions and reading all rationals and really trying to understand every single one of them. I do believe that while you are doing questions you are also studying content. Keep your head up and start practicing again good luck !!
  13. nurse_w91

    Feb 25

    Got it lol ... Anyways good luck tomorrow . Do you get your quick results before the 48 hr wait??
  14. nurse_w91

    Feb 25

    Ohhh sorry lol i saw feb 25th
  15. nurse_w91

    Feb 25

    Good luck tomorrow !! Positive thinking and take you time in every question. Focus on one question at a time and hide the number of questions!! Drink a monster and a light breakfast before going 😉😉
  16. nurse_w91

    retake again

    NCSBN :)