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  1. TickTackJo

    Regis College Online FNP

    I'm also curious what everyone is thinking about Regis College online FNP. I am applying now and was curious how it when for everyone?
  2. TickTackJo

    Things Little Old Ladies Say

    I had a little old lady who came into the ED, her BP was tanking, and it was soon discovered that she was in a third degree block. She was unresponsive so they started to eternally pace her. After about the second shock, she sat bolt upright and screamed "Their trying to shock my titties off!!!" I watched numerous people walk out of the room, holding back giggles.
  3. TickTackJo

    if you graduated in the last 5 years

    I graduated in December, took NCLEX on February 2nd and accepted a job at a local hospital yesterday.
  4. TickTackJo

    NCSBN Review, Worth it?

    I just took the NCLEX on Feb 2nd and passed with 75 questions. I used NCSBN and really liked it! I did not have time to go through the entire program, but I did do most of the practice questions and I truly think they are very comparable to NCLEX. The program does involve a lot of reading, so if that's not your thing, this may not be right for you.
  5. TickTackJo

    Can it be done?? Please be honest!

    It can be done for sure. I studied hard for about 2 weeks and passed with 75 questions. My school has a very high pass rate at 98% last year and 100% the two years before that, so I truly atribute my success to their teaching and not my two weeks of studying. Stay positive, work hard and you will do great! No turning back now!
  6. TickTackJo

    Just finished my NCLEX... so nervous.

    Well I have officially passed! So far my class has a 100% pass rate with only 4 others who have to test, so I really have to say my school prepared us well.
  7. TickTackJo

    Just finished my NCLEX... so nervous.

    So I just checked my State Board of Nursing licence page and my status went from Pending to Active! They wouldn't put me as an Active RN if I didn't pass... right?
  8. TickTackJo

    Just finished my NCLEX... so nervous.

    So I just finished my test about 1 hours ago, and I can not even begin to explain the nervousness I am having. So a little about me, I finished my ADN December 18th, 2014. After LOT'S of issues with getting my ATT... I finally took it today. I'm glad I had weeks to study. It truly helped. I finished the test with 75 questions... But that does not make me feel good at all because either I did really good, or really bad and I'm a bundle of nerves right now! I swear to you, once I hit about the 25 question mark, I got nothing but SATA! Over and over with maybe a few regulars thrown in there. I don't know if I have passed but for studying I used: Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 5th Edition I reviewed area's I knew I was weak in and did every practice questions and TONS from the CD which came with the book. Hurst Reviews NCLEX-RN Review book I used this mainly for the strategies, thought I did do the majority of the questions. Exam Cram NCLEX-RN Practice Questions [book] I liked how small this book was and took it everywhere in my purse, so I could practice questions during down time. Prioritization, Delegation, and Management of Care for the NCLEX-RN Great book to have! I read front to back, yet I got no questions on Delegation and only a few on Prioritizing. NCLEX-RN Flashcard Book I used this, but it wasn't my favorite. [h=1][/h]ATI My school was very ATI heavy. We took most of the practice quizzes during the years and I retook most of them in the last few months for practice. I also took the ATI predictor test and got a (82% I think) 99% chance of passing NCLEX score. NCSBN Online Review I did the 3 week plan about 6 weeks ago to brush on my content, I also did about half the practice questions in the time I had. I really liked this site. The questions were great and I liked how their were delivered. Well wish me luck as I wait the dreaded 48 hours for my results....
  9. TickTackJo

    Any 2015 grads?

    I start in January 13' and end in January 15'. I can't wait to finally start this journey!
  10. TickTackJo

    How many of of you are BLS certified?

    The hospital I work at requires it for every single employee. I think it's great. You never know when BLS will be needed.
  11. TickTackJo

    How many of of you are BLS certified?

    I work at a hospital so I have to be BLS certified among other things. I also had to have it for my CNA and I have to have it for Nursing School which I start in a few weeks.
  12. TickTackJo

    Student nurse and Video games.

    I think that everyone needs a break from studying, and if your break consists of playing a video game then go for it! Of course you need to prioritize, but there is no shame in having a little time for yourself.
  13. TickTackJo

    accepted but problems in immunization record

    Sounds just about like my school which starts January 14th. My immunization paper also says that I have to have proof of the dates of the hep series and the titer. I asked my Dr about it because all I had was the titer and not documentation of the shots. Though I do remember getting them because we went out of the country as kids. She said that if its a problem she will do an accelerated hep series...
  14. TickTackJo

    Spring 2013 Nursing Students!!!! Who's In????

    I got my acceptance letter yesterday! Yeahh Who's in?I am! Where are you attending? North Idaho College What are you most excited for? Starting classes, and just getting to move beyond my current position. What are you most scares about? I am most scared about the tests. People have told me how hard the tests can be. What planning do you need to do? Work needs to be figured out.
  15. TickTackJo

    Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

    I'm In! Yeaaa! I received my acceptance letter in the mail today. I will be starting January 16th, 2013 not to far from now. I have general orientation December 14th for half the day. I am so excited to finally in the program!!!
  16. TickTackJo

    Squeamish Students?

    I work in an ER and had a pre-nursing student following me around for the day. She had finished A&P and micro, but was not accepted into nursing yet. She was shocked to find out that nurses had to actually do and I quote "CNA stuff" like helping patients go to the bathroom and cleaning them up. Then during a very simple I&D procedure she passed out directly onto the sterile I&D kit. I would love to see if she became a nurse after that day...