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Kaplan content review videos


hello all!

Using kaplan to study for the NCLEX RN, i am currently using hurst review videos and then followed by kaplan ques.

kaplan does have some content review videos though.. started to watch.. but such a bore..:angrybird9: (sorry to say)

wondering who used kaplan as their study tool before the nclex and found the videos to be beneficial or of no use?

any advice will help!

thanks everyone!

I used the videos as a supplement, especially the question review ones. I just listened to them like lectures. It was helpful for me because it helped me realize the pieces that weren't taught or learned in school. I used Saunders in school, so using the same thing to study for NCLEX wouldn't expand my understanding of content. While doing it, I thought Kaplan was just hype and some of the rationales they used were skewed--but it really did help. (The one content review with the Guy--skip that one. He bored me stiff.) I passed in 75 questions. Good luck!