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  1. K9005

    Sigma Theta Tau Benefits

    Does anyone happen to know if class rank and gpa are looked at specifically for nursing classes (versus cumulative)? I ask because I'ma a second degree baccalaureate student,and many of my classmates have 3.9 gpas because they have minimal credit hours.
  2. K9005

    Major and a Minor..is it worth it?

    Hi. I'm currently in my 3rd semester in a BSN program and I have to be honest with you. I don't think it's possible to take on a minor with a nursing major-there just isn't enough time in the day, especially if you're working. Nursing school isn't hard if you Just want to get by, but if you're wanting to get good grades and become a good nurse it is a big time commitment.
  3. K9005

    Shadowing in Atlanta

    Thank you so much! That is very helpful :)
  4. K9005

    Shadowing in Atlanta

    I'm currently half way through my BSN program in Hawaii, and will be visiting Atlanta this summer. I am really interested in shadowing a nurse, but I don't have contacts from the medical field in Atlanta. Could anyone please shed some light about how I might go about attempting to get a shadowing opportunity?
  5. K9005

    Looking to Shadow an RN-Atlanta area

    Thanks for your help!
  6. I will be staying in Atlanta this summer (2015) and was wondering if anyone had any insight about how I might go about finding nurses to shadow or intern under. I will have completed 3 semesters of nursing school, so I will be arriving with LTC, med surge 1 and Peds/OB clinical experience.
  7. K9005

    New Grad RN's

    I will also be looking to work in Georgia--specifically in the Atlanta area in a couple of years. I will actually be looking for work initially as an LPN and was curious to know what areas you were able to fins work in
  8. K9005

    Relationship Question!

    Nursing school is much more demanding and stressful than most people think. Just try to verbalize how you feel with your partner. It's important to remain focused for school, but when you do have time (i.e. for the holidays) take advantage of it! Make sure you take time for you as well, even if that doesn't necessarily mean hanging out with your man every free second you get. Find what makes you relax for your sanity and for the betterment of your relationship. Good luck! You will find your balance, don't get discouraged!
  9. K9005

    skipping graduation/pinning?

    I am also a second degree student and plan on attending both ceremonies when I graduate from nursing school. I totally understand how you feel though. I do think that you should at least go to the pinning ceremony. It is a celebration of all your hard work, you deserve it!
  10. K9005

    How is the job market?

    Hey guys, I'm a student nurse, studying in Hawaii, but I'm looking to work in DC upon graduation. I'm curious to hear how competitive the job market is in the DC area for new grads
  11. I'm still a student nurse, studying in another state, but I plan on moving to GA for work. Would it be wise to just board in GA, or board in Hawaii, where I am now, and then try to transfer my license via endorsement?
  12. Luckily Hawaii does allow it. Fortunately.
  13. That is my worry--getting stuck with that LVN title. But I'm hoping that the experience will pay off in the end. Thanks for sharing that! It does give me some hope:)
  14. K9005

    Public Health Nursing

    Thanks so much for all the information!
  15. I'm a traditional BSN student who intends on taking the NCLEX-PN exam next year, once I am eligible to do so (after my 4th semester). I was hoping to gain experience and work on my skills as an LPN before I take the NCLEX-RN so that I'm more comfortable with whatever field I go into. Has anyone already done that or does anyone else intend on taking the NCLEX-PN while in nursing school?
  16. K9005

    Just took nclex - pn

    Congrats everyone! I'm curious what kinds of materials you all have used to prepare for the exam. I plan on taking it next year and would love to get some helpful hints :) Thanks!

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