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  1. Lateral hostility

    After posting this and attempting , that is what I did. It was the charge and half the unit would copy as she would. But when I left I didn't say anything to anyone other than her and the managers until the last week. Transitioned back to ICU and so...
  2. Lateral hostility

    Seeking advice. Have been working in this PACU for almost 2 years continuously received lateral hostility from a coworker who is suppose to be our leader. I have attempted maintaining a nice demeanor. That didn't work. I attempted seeking constructiv...
  3. Hello, I am seeking advice, suggestions, opinions, and feedback. My background I was a high acuity Post-Anesthesia Care Unit nurse at a highly ranked teaching faculty and trauma center in North Carolina. Then sought to return to California to be nea...
  4. Duke New Grad / SNIP 2013

    They will not pay for you flight for interview. I asked them prior to committing to the interview.
  5. Anyone do the exam?? What is it? What is it like? Computer or paper?
  6. Its official

  7. Interview at Duke

  8. Interview at Duke

    Good luck you guys!!
  9. Relocating to Durham and Endorsing

  10. Duke New Grad / SNIP 2013

    What unit?
  11. Relocating to Durham and Endorsing

    Alright I started the process. Any advice on locations to look for living? For single female.
  12. Hi just got offered a position in Durham. Would love advice on good apartments that are safe and nice? Also, anyone who endorsed to NC? I am coming from California and endorsing over.
  13. Duke New Grad / SNIP 2013

    I got the job too. What units are you in? And when do you start?
  14. Relocating to Greenville, SC

    I already have my ACLS and BLS. But I know it will take 10 days to get my SC license and I let them know because they gave me a month to relocate.
  15. Interview at Duke

    See I am debating I will be bringing both. Was talking to a classmate and wore scrubs since she shadowed first. Idk. I will figure it out in the am. What are you going for?