Switching Area/Specialty in Bay Area, California? Why is it tough?



I am seeking advice, suggestions, opinions, and feedback. My background I was a high acuity Post-Anesthesia Care Unit nurse at a highly ranked teaching faculty and trauma center in North Carolina. Then sought to return to California to be near family and significant other seeking to transition area. Currently on a med-surg/tele floor. Goal to get back in high acuity such as ICU. Seem to get rejected with each application. I have applied to those I have the required qualifications and still no luck. It's becoming a bit discouraging when I had 4 offers from different specialty ICUs at the prior facility to coming to the market where once a PACU nurse always a PACU nurse. I'm open to anything. Thank you look forward to hearing from you all!

Has 6 years experience.

From what I understand, it's a competitive market in general. And although you may meet the minimum requirements for each job, there are probably multiple, better qualified applicants. Sometimes, the only solution is to seek employment in a less saturated market. Otherwise, keep trying and keep hoping. Good luck to you.