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  1. Which is easier - LPN or RN?

    I am hoping to get into LPN school be done quicker. Fingers crossed. Program is 3 classes and 3 semesters. Two days of class one clinical. With evening, weekend, and part time option. Just to be able work full time. Then go on to RN or RT while worki...
  2. Hi, applied to the program in early February and application went onwards to the nursing admissions to be reviewed. They are bit vague on when you'll find out. Just curious those that attended the program when did you find out the news if accept...
  3. Hi, I have an interview next week for an MA position. I have been working in healthcare for 10+ year's. Been in psych and social service field for 8. 3 year's in EMS. A year experience in the OR. Skills have are phlebotomy, EKGs, charting, vitals, ac...
  4. Anesthesia Tech

    Curious if anyone ever worked this job before? I did it eons ago per diem and pay was about $14 an hour at a level 2 trauma center/20 bed surgical unit. I am making decent cash now as a tech. However, working part time and variable shifts you kind of...
  5. what do you do on your days off?

    Feel as if I do nothing feel antsy on my day's off. Usually run/workout see the fiance after she is done with school. We at least have the same weekends off for the time being so we go for walks outside or the mall, go to the gym together, visit frie...
  6. Been working/involved in the hospital EMS, OR, a. Behavorial Health. Looking to moonlight hours with beciming a it helpful on the path of becoming a nurse? Better to get involved in EMS again?
  7. I'm turning 25 soon and I want to be a nurse, am I kidding myself?

    25 and turning 26 in August. I have a bachelors already. However, need to keep up with work and balance it out with school. Plan to finish my pre-reqs by Spring of 2015. Have maybe 10-15 nursing classes to take. If I do the ADN dissapointed won't b...
  8. Applying to nursing schools and intro

    Hi, question has probably been asked and answered on applying to nursing school. Just wanting to introduce myself. Will use this forum to help answer questions I have. I am looking into physical therapy or nursing. Nursing interest me for the ability...
  9. Applying to nursing schools and intro

    Well happy belated birthday. Think going for the ADN finish two years earlier. Work as an RN possibly if keep up with school could finish in that 4-5 year window.
  10. Applying to nursing schools and intro

    One thing trying to decide between the two year and four year program. Is if I start taking pre-reqs next semester my projected year will finish nursing degree from community college in the spring of 2017. With the bachelors would be the spirng of 20...