Night Shift: Balancing Life Out of Work; Health & Wellbeing; & Exercise

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Hi, for night shifters do you love it, tolerate it, or despise it?

I enjoy nights for the pace as it helps being a new nurse and adjusting to the life as a nurse. On the other side I feel sad working nights and mood/emotions elevate feel happy when off awake during the day.

Working days my Wife and I discuss this. Wife feels I be home more doing days. With days see my Wife every other day and every night. With nights see my Wife at least once a week and in the morning hours she is off.

That leads me to health and well-being. How do you find time to work out? Usually work nights come up watch my child. If I don't watch them send them to school then clean then by the time done motivation wans for exercise. On days off to exercise have to get up before 7AM or after 11PM. Usually nights one not motivated or time with the misses.

I do try to schedule myself for 84 hours bi-weekly with that have 5 days off in a row. Able to get in 4 to 5 days of exercise in a 2 week period.

How do you find time to work out? Also, what is your usual work scheudle like?

Nights for me is 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off 1 on 6 off.


Look forward to hearing everyone's feedback!

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When I was full time, I typically did a 2 one 1 off type of deal and only did 3 in a row if it was a Fri, Sat, Sun. Working out in between shifts was awful as I was both tired from waking up early, then I was tired the entire shift from that workout session and it just being nights. So, I usually worked out 3 times a week in the morning on my off days. Having one day off is enough to reset my sleep/tiredness schedule. I always loved nights because it was generally peaceful because everyone was a sleep. The best part about nights is that all of us were around the same age (mid 20's to mid 30s) and most nights were a blast and sometimes we did dumb, obnoxious things haha (man, I miss those days). Had/have no kids and single so I had no day shift commitments other than just myself. I'd say that's probably the biggest factor as to why I loved nights.

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I couldn't do nights, got sick with pneumonia. Was out for most of my scheduled night shift. I loved 3-11 pm when I worked in the hospital side of my facility. I worked days in the offices. 
the schedule you posted is tough. One on one off is rough. I see the end with 6 days off but boy to switch your sleep hours back and forth. Is tough. Read the answers on facebook. Good advice 

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Struggling with nights again. IDK. Ever since COVID hit me in December my immune system has been socked. Another sinus infection. After two shifts in a row exhausted and hard to stay awake. Questioning how to lay my schedule out for the future.

Planning to do 3 on 4 off. Do 3 on 2 off on 3 off 6.

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