Any nurses & parents work in an office to avoid 12 hr shifts?

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Hi, I was curious those that have children does working 8 to 430 vs 7a to 7p or 7p to 7a benefit you more with being home with family? Just curious. Do you supplement PRN hours at the hospital?

Contemplating making a change down the road to working in an office as I feel give me more time with family. Appreciate the insight.

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I recently transitioned from shift work to a regular office job, and I'm really enjoying it! I find it's much better for both my mental and physical health. However, some argue that shift work allows for more family time due to the days off between shifts, along with less time spent commuting. My main challenge with office work is the combined commute and work hours, amounting to about 10 hours a day, and having to work 5 out of 7 days a week. However, I do like how I can enjoy weekends off with my friends and family, and I do find I have enough energy to exercise and run errands when I get home. 

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