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  1. Which route?

    For those of you who went back to school for your advanced nursing degree, how did you decide on which field to pursue? Initially thought NNP was a good fit but now that I have littles I’d my own, I’m not sure that their hours are family friendly....
  2. CRNA with NICU experience & GI Bill

    What kind of adult ICU do you recommend? I was thinking neuro. I’ve had colleagues who have applied with either NICU or PICU experience and have gotten accepted. Not sure their take on if they’d recommend it since they are on deployment right now.
  3. Loma Linda University CRNA 2019

    Anybody apply with just NICU experience?
  4. CRNA with NICU experience & GI Bill

    Hi there! So my goal is to be a CRNA. However, as far as ICU goes, I only have NICU experience. I know that adult ICU is required and highly recommended by a lot of schools. Can any CRNA or students in CRNA school chime in on if I’ll be ok with just ...
  5. Nurse Transition Residency

    Does anyone know of any nurse transition residency programs for experienced nurses that want to gain experience outside their specialty (i.e. ER nurse wanting to go NICU).
  6. Resume advice

    Thanks amb218!
  7. Resume advice

    In need of some advice on whether to add description under my job title or simply just list my job title on my resume. What do you all think? I have a skills portion on my resume that lists general skills such as excellent communicator, etc. I though...
  8. How to get foot in door as NICU RN

    Hello all nurses, How does one go about landing a job in the NICU? Does anyone know of any hospitals that are willing to take on nurses with experience but in a different field and orient them? I have experience as an OB RN and would live to s...
  9. Any Military NNPs out there?

    Thanks for the insight SoldierNurse22. Do you mind if I send you a private message?
  10. Any Military NNPs out there?

    Hello everyone, I have a long term goal of becoming a NNP, but do not have any NICU experience aside from being cross-trained there. I would love to have a mentor who can help guide me in obtaining this goal of mine. Currently serve in the mili...
  11. Career Advice

    Hi jfratian. I'm currently a Navy nurse doing bedside nursing.
  12. Career Advice

    Can anyone in the Navy guide me towards pursuing a career in nursing administration? I am seriously considering going to school to obtain an MBA and would like to know your thoughts? Thanks
  13. Military CRNAs

  14. Military CRNAs

    Thanks PixieRN for the insight. Yeah, I'm in the same boat with being way too busy to moonlight. I've floated many times to NICU and have voiced my desire to become CRNA up the chain of command, but still can't seem to get transferred to critical car...
  15. Military CRNAs

    Thanks for the advice. I'll have to look into moonlighting. If you moonlight, does leadership typically work with you scheduling wise? Usually my schedule consists of three on, one off, three on...and that's if I'm lucky.