Any Military NNPs out there?


Hello everyone,

I have a long term goal of becoming a NNP, but do not have any NICU experience aside from being cross-trained there. I would love to have a mentor who can help guide me in obtaining this goal of mine. Currently serve in the military and background is in OB.


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Most, if not all programs require at least 1-2 years experience in a NICU. Do you think the military would let you work in the NICU for that amount of time?

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Honestly, I know the Army doesn't utilize NNPs. I'm not aware of any other branch that does, either.

@babyRN, the military does use specific AOCs and identifiers for nursing specialties. In the Army, it's typically the 66G series (OB/GYN nurse) that gets trained in the NICU.

The military heavily favors PAs (for reasons unknown). They're not big on the NP role yet. Unless the Navy or AF utilizes NNPs, I don't know that you'll find a military mentor.

Are you looking long-term and expecting to utilize your GI bill to get your NNP, then practice on the civilian side?



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Thanks for the insight SoldierNurse22. Do you mind if I send you a private message?



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I am a Active Duty Air Force NICU RN. Neither the Air Force or Navy utilize NNP's. Air Force seperates NICU and OB nurses differently by afsc's. My afsc is 46n3F/ OB is 46n3G. My advice to you would be dependant on your current branch of service. If you are Air Force I would recommend going to the NICU course in San Antonio, with follow on at SAMMC or Kadena (this will add two yrs to your ADSC) . You will learn so much at either location. Outside of the AF I don't believe that you will find a branch of service that would "speciality train" you. To stay active duty and be a practicing NNP is ,unfortunetly, not currently an option. Let me know if you need any other help.