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  1. PPediRN

    Who should decide?

    The story of Tinslee Lewis continues. What do you guys think? https://www.Yahoo.com/news/24-million-spent-fort-worth-201250720.html
  2. PPediRN

    Weird Interview

    Only needed to ask you 2 questions instead of 3. Haha
  3. PPediRN

    Weird Interview

    Has anyone had an interview that was less than 10 minutes long? She only asked me 3 questions. First, tell me about yourself. Then she asked which shift I prefer and wanted to know my salary requirements. She then thanked me for coming in. It was weird. I drove an hour to get there & she was over 30 minutes late for the interview. It made me wonder if the position had already been filled. I'm not mad just wondering what the heck? Anyone else have something similar happen?
  4. PPediRN

    Transitioning out of Home Care Nursing

    This is my pet peeve. A hospital who, in all likelihood, has a policy against giving out references EXPECTS you to provide a reference from your current or former employer before they will hire you. This is AFTER you pass a background check, drug screen, multiple computer tests, a physical, multiple interviews, and education verified. What MORE could they possibly want? And STILL they won’t hire you until they hear some random stranger say you’re the best employee that ever graced Gods green earth. References are useless. If you were dishonest you could pay someone to pretend to be your former supervisor. Sorry you’re going through this.
  5. PPediRN

    Minimum Wage????

    Good for you for walking away. Don’t ever agree to orient for free.
  6. PPediRN

    Minimum Wage????

    Orientation will be paid at MINIMUM WAGE??? Really? So this is what nursing has come down to. The abuse and disrespect of nurses continues. Um no thanks. I'm actually a professional not a high school drop out. Companies get away with this because nurses put up with it. Please don't ever agree to work for minimum wage. We are better than this.
  7. PPediRN

    On-the-spot hiring event

    Thank you Nurse Gonzo! Hopefully we will both find something soon. 🤞
  8. PPediRN

    On-the-spot hiring event

    It was ok. Applicants were called into an interview room one at a time. There were 4 interviewers who asked behavioral questions. I got really nervous. No job offer for me 🙁 So the job search 👀 continues Thanks for asking Nurse Gonzo!
  9. PPediRN

    On-the-spot hiring event

    I’ve been invited to an interview at an on-the-spot hiring event. Has anyone ever been to one? What is it like? Thanks!
  10. B12 deficiency?
  11. PPediRN

    Are Home Health RNs really paid what they are worth??

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Exactly why I will no longer do home health.
  12. PPediRN

    I am doomed.

    Thanks for the good laugh.