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PPediRN has 10 years experience.

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  1. PPediRN

    On-the-spot hiring event

    Thank you Nurse Gonzo! Hopefully we will both find something soon.
  2. PPediRN

    On-the-spot hiring event

    It was ok. Applicants were called into an interview room one at a time. There were 4 interviewers who asked behavioral questions. I got really nervous. No job offer for me So the job search continues Thanks for asking Nurse Gonzo!
  3. PPediRN

    On-the-spot hiring event

    I’ve been invited to an interview at an on-the-spot hiring event. Has anyone ever been to one? What is it like? Thanks!
  4. PPediRN

    Are Home Health RNs really paid what they are worth??

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Exactly why I will no longer do home health.
  5. PPediRN

    I am doomed.

    Thanks for the good laugh.