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What does everyone think about behavioral interviews? If you're not skilled at story telling then no job. Even if you check every box for qualifications & experience, it comes down to how good you can spin a story. I find them ridiculous & pointless. Who couldn't make up a story the hiring team wants to hear? Yea, let me tell you about the time I single handedly saved the day. Bla Bla Bla. OK rant over. Happy interviewing to all.  

Funny this was posted. I literally had a psych nurse interview as a new grad last week. It lasted about 40 min. Went like "tell

me about yourself", why psych nursing, then a whole bunch of scenarios "what would you do first". The frustrating part is not knowing if you got them right or wrong just answering them to the best of your knowledge.

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Hello PPediRN,

I always was a nervous wreck when it came to nursing interviews. Here's an Allnurses Resource on how to interview prep for your reference: Most Common Nursing Job Interview Questions, Best Answers, and Tips - Nursing Resources (

Over the years I developed a lot of insight into interview prep from my partner, as he works in tech and does so many interviews just to land one job. He recommended prepping behavioral questions using the STAR method.

S - Situation

T- Task

A - Action

R- Result

I recommend looking up common behavioral interview questions in nursing, and start a spreadsheet that can answer these questions using examples from your experience in the format of STAR, and that should really help. Best of luck! 

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