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WonderousIvy has 5 years experience as a BSN, LVN.

CNA 5 years

LVN 5 years

BSN 2020

Active duty army spouse and mother of 2

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  1. WonderousIvy

    How do I do this?

    I'm currently work ER and I'm about to have our second baby next week. I've been wanting to get into CM. I'd like to get a remote job because we may be moving d/t my husbands job soon. I want to keep working throughout this ordeal. Plus, I see how much CM help the patient! How can I start doing this from home with absolutely no experience?
  2. WonderousIvy

    Woe is me

    I have been on AN since I was a CNA, dreaming of becoming an RN. I took the long route, but I recently finally got here. I have completed my BSN and passed NCLEX! After 5 years of being a CNA, 5 years of LVN...I'm finally an RN!I started school 5 months before my first child was born,I made it though despite my husbands 1 year deployment...I rocked it. But can't help but to feel sad though. My husband is active duty military and we're not stationed around any friends of mine. I have work friends, but we don't socialize much. My parents live 3 hours away. I'm probably being way too emotional about this, given I am due to deliver our second born next week. I just would like someone to buy me some balloons, make me a cake or dinner or something. We didn't get to have a pinning because of Covid and they're just going to mail us our pins-so that's not even happening! I feel like I've made this great accomplishment but there's no hoorah. I guess bc I've always done it up for everyone else (huge surprise birthday parties, cakes, gifts, etc..I go all out!) I was just hoping someone would do something for me this time. I know I'm lucky for having a job waiting on me. I've been working ER as an LVN for a year and they have an RN position for me after the baby, so I try to keep that in mind...a lot of new grads want to get into the ER but can't. Ah, I just feel sad, y'all. I had no where else to anonymously vent so...here I am. Thanks for letting me b***h 🙂
  3. WonderousIvy


  4. WonderousIvy


    Hello, I currently have about a year left of my BSN program. I plan to apply to FNP programs right after I obtain my RN. After which, I plan to go further and complete my PhD sometime before death..lol. I would like to have the option to transition into teaching at a university,into research later in my life or possibly management after I get many years of experience. Background: I have worked as a CNA for about 5 years then a LVN for about 3 years prior to entering my BSN program. I have always known that I wanted to do something other than bedside nursing(though I do plan to work bedside while in NP school). I have an active duty spouse and we have a young child. I do not want to waste time or money. I will have 21 months left of the GI bill to complete my FNP. In search of: I am looking for personal recommendations for strong FNP programs that are primarily online, which do not require RN work experience prior to admission. Currently, my number one choice is Simmons. I would prefer to do a campus based FNP program however, with our military lifestyle that just isn't in the cards! Simmons seems as close as I can get to a campus based program. Thank you in advance for your time and input.
  5. Tom: "This is where old Nurse Jean sends the new grads to cry..." Bob:"Why are there cobwebs?" Tom:"Because there's no crying allowed,Bob...duh!"
  6. I have been in search of a BSN-NP program that is online and does not require any RN experience (though I am not against this-please do not make this post a debate about whether or not RN experience should be mandatory). I prefer a brick and mortar program however, I am a military spouse and that makes things a lot more difficult. If you have attended a NP program that required little or no RN experience for admission,please share the following: BSN completion date and university name Years of RN experience University which you gained acceptance into NP program Online or brick and mortar Tips for nurses that are considering making the transition to NP
  7. WonderousIvy

    TEAS exam

    I just saw you're from Elk Grove! I'm in Rancho Cordova!
  8. WonderousIvy

    TEAS exam

    Teas mastery app is great as well
  9. WonderousIvy

    Recently Completed BSN Prelicensure Program

    Did you have any healthcare experience prior to this program? Did the 2.5yrs seem to go by quickly? Is that 3 12s/wk for 3wks?? Were you able to select the hospital as well as the unit...? What state are you in? I'm a LVN now starting in a Houston based cohort.
  10. WonderousIvy

    LVN of three years,ask me anything

    Queenwanna, I wish I could give you tips for time management and a good family/School life balance...but I'm honestly figuring it out right now. I have a 7month old,we're prepping for a move out of state and a deployment and I'm in school now. I only work on call so that's not much of a stresser right now I'm just studying at night and when the baby naps. I put study material around the house so I can study here and there during the day. Get creative! Why did you decide to do a LVN program vs a ABSN or BSN?? SurferNurse1, here in NorCal..I haven't seen/heard of any LVNs getting jobs in a burn unit. You may be able to get s position at a clinic where they hire MAs and LVNs, then transfer to the burn unit after you gain experience and higher education.
  11. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    Yes,ATI tests can be beasts! I definitely don't miss that from Lvn School. Where did you attend? Can you share some of your experience? I know I will have to be extremely scheduled because I'll be traveling quite a bit.
  12. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    Thanks! I'm in the prelicensure program right now. I'm moving in with my parents for a year while my husband is in Korea,so they are watching our daughter for me. The second year of the program my husband and I will probably have to rotate shifts lol. We want to have another child though so idk we will see how that goes while in school!
  13. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    ❤️❤️thank you so much
  14. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    Oh wow. I'm actually still living in Sacramento right now...I'm moving to Houston in a couple months.
  15. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    Great! What start date and cohort are you applying for?
  16. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    Thank you!! Lol! Are you in the program now??

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