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Active duty army spouse BSN student CNA 5 years LVN 4 years Distance learner

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  1. Tom: "This is where old Nurse Jean sends the new grads to cry..." Bob:"Why are there cobwebs?" Tom:"Because there's no crying allowed,Bob...duh!"
  2. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    Yes,ATI tests can be beasts! I definitely don't miss that from Lvn School. Where did you attend? Can you share some of your experience? I know I will have to be extremely scheduled because I'll be traveling quite a bit.
  3. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    Thanks! I'm in the prelicensure program right now. I'm moving in with my parents for a year while my husband is in Korea,so they are watching our daughter for me. The second year of the program my husband and I will probably have to rotate shifts lol. We want to have another child though so idk we will see how that goes while in school!
  4. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    ❤️❤️thank you so much
  5. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    Oh wow. I'm actually still living in Sacramento right now...I'm moving to Houston in a couple months.
  6. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    Great! What start date and cohort are you applying for?
  7. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    Thank you!! Lol! Are you in the program now??
  8. WonderousIvy

    A bit childish but...

    I have been admitted to the prelicensure program in Houston 01/18. I have been a CNA for 5 yrs and a LVN for almost 3 years. I'm married to an active duty army soldier who will deploy in May for a year and have a 7month old child. It's been a long road to finally find a program that works with our lifestyle. I feel like I've been fighting for this for years! Now that I've finally got accepted I feel like no one really gives a hoot (besides my lovely hubby). I understand I'm older(just turned 26) but I want a "yaaaay! Congrats!" Or something. I guess this is one of the things that come along with an untraditional nursing program. In my LVN program I had my cohort to celebrate with...maybe when I meet my cohort at WGU I'll feel ‘better'. I just need to hold on to someone and jump around in joy lol I'm SO happy this is finally happening!
  9. WonderousIvy

    LVN of three years,ask me anything

    Since you live in Texas,you have an opportunity to go to WGUs Prelicensure Program. You will of course have to complete all of the prerequisites and take the TEAS test. Have you done those? Those steps are pretty much mandatory for all Nursing schools across the board. I do believe that if your end goal is to get a BSN then yes,you should bypass becoming a LVN. You will earn more as an RN and have way better opportunities available to you.
  10. WonderousIvy

    WGU MSN in 6 months

    I see this is from 2012, but I saw on your page that you're still active sooo...I'm curious to what schools did they get into?
  11. WonderousIvy

    Wgu bsn prelicensure

    Only "biochemistry" will satisfy this prerequisite (from what the counselor told me). If you've taken general chem or any other chem class,they won't accept it UNLESS it is BIOchem.
  12. WonderousIvy

    Pre-Licensure BSN

    I got in!:) Jan 1st Houston Cohort❤️
  13. WonderousIvy

    LVN of three years,ask me anything

    I'm going to WGU in Texas. I know a few universities in OK offer LVN-BSN I think? are yalls community colleges packed? You could always apply to LPN-ADN
  14. WonderousIvy

    This is a new one

    LOL!!! I can't!😂😂 hello best friend! Nice to meet you lol
  15. WonderousIvy

    And now, I wait.

    I'm waiting on a response from admissions! I applied to BSPRN program for Jan 1 start date in Houston. I'm really hoping I get in! Anyone else waiting or just want to share their journey with WGU??
  16. Hi everyone, I decided to post here because I ALWAYS have questions for people who have been there-done that. So if anyone has any questions or wants any advice from someone who has been there, feel free to ask! About me: Just turned 26,Army wife and mom. Currently waiting to hear back from a BSN program. SWOC certified(Skin wound ostomy care). I have worked in detox,sub-acute and skilled nursing facility.

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