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  1. Sabr

    Liquid Agents VS Medical Solutions

    Thanks, yo you both! I think I might go with Liquid Agents
  2. Hey fellow travelers! I'm so glad we have a community here to share things like this. Has anyone ever worked at Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock, CA? I visited the floor I will be on yesterday and it was a typical medsurg oncology tele floor. 12 hour shifts. I have NOT signed the contract yet. Im also working with Medical Solutions who has not locked down anything for me yet but was able to listen to my needs and is still actively working on something for me. I believe some of the contracts medical solutions has are 8 hours and I prefer 8s to 12s. I am looking to start mid-December. Liquid Agents' pay breakdown is very confusing. This makes me weary toeven travel with them. However, they have been very quick with making something materialize in a short period. If I take Turlock,I will be there for 13-20 weeks doing 12s. Medical Solutions pay break down is clear easy and makes more sense My question is should I wait and see what Medical Solutions can do? Or go ahead and sign with liquid agents? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. Sabr

    Peconic Bay Medical Center

    I am going there soon on a contract
  4. Good day fellow Nurses! Introducing some of the best coffee I have had and a health/business opportunity for nurses looking to expand their entrepreneurial pursuits! As the title indicates, this coffee and tea is infused with the organic reishi mushroom which is known to have anti-aging,anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and weight loss effects on the body. As a nurse that believes in holistic healing and preventive medicine, I thought I would share my business platform here for any nurses interested in healing themselves and others, as well as branching off into another way to increase your income! Not only have I experienced weight loss and improved mood/focus, I am happier! Being an adaptogenic herb, it helps balance your body where it needs it. The reishi mushroom has been used for over 2000 years by the chinese people and has now reached the mainstream market. It is something worth learning about especially if you have not heard about it. Please support and share my website! blawal.organogold.com Thanks!
  5. Sabr

    Kaweah delta travel rn's please!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately for me, my agency has treated me very badly! Very poor pay and bad payroll company. I am used to ADP and they are using ktbsonline which is not good. Kaweah delta is OK. Not great and not.entirely bad. Of course, my experience with my company has influenced a lot. I'm switching companies and possibly going to another facility in California if I can help it. Just my opinion.
  6. Good Morning Lovely Nurses! I am starting at Kaweah delta and need a fun buddy for real. When Im not working, I would like to explore the area and have fun with someone cool!!!! Also, someone who understands the hospital culture and can show me the ropes while I adjust. I am just too excited, but I heard Tulare closed down so KDMC is flooded! I am used to this because I am from the East Coast so bing it one! Again, need a work/nonwork buddy. Holla at me :)
  7. Sabr

    Visalia - kaweah delta

    Can someone please tell me if you currently work or have previously worked in visalia? How is it like? Considering starting a contract there. Thanks!
  8. Sabr

    I HATE bedside nursing

    Thank you!!!!!!
  9. Sabr


    Hi all, I need some advice. I want to relocate from NY to MA but I need to know more about where I am going. My background is in Medsurg and and currently I work for a Home Care Company in NY-CHAA. My goal is to obtain my Masters in Nursing education but I am also interested in Case Management. Can someone guide me in the right direction? I need a quiet neighborhood preferably one with low car insurance rates and something where I can be close to the hospital/facility. I really need a change because I lost my mother early this year and it has been really tough staying in NY alone. I have family in MA. But I do not necessarily want to live in Fall River I want a nicer place and a nice facility with nice people. I know it will not be perfect but anything to get out of this overcrowded city where I still feel isolated would be nice.
  10. I dont even remeber lol
  11. Sabr

    rock and hard place

    Yes I have it
  12. Sabr

    rock and hard place

    Hi nurses! I need your advice! My flight is booked to return on the 12th but my manager scheduled me to return on the 10th (mother's day) and work the following day; the 11th. I traveled to an African country where I had mild symptoms of malaria. If I call fmla for the two days for which I'm scheduled will I be terminated since it is immediately after vacation? Thanks
  13. Sabr

    I HATE bedside nursing

    Thanks for the hugs :)
  14. Sabr

    I HATE bedside nursing

  15. Sabr

    I HATE bedside nursing

    Ok maybe I just don't care for it too much, but I feel like Im suffocating. I have been in this position for about 10 months now and I cant wait to hit the year mark so I can get out! I feel I might not be cut out for it in the long term because there is just way too much dramatization on insignificant things that add stress to my life which is unnecessary. One nursing attendant reported me to the manager over a trivial issue which had already been solved. I have never been reported to any manager like that ever before in my career. Perhaps she hates me but having to sit in his office and go over matters that have been settled regarding cleaning a patient is beyond me. Especially when the patient was cleaned and the matter was settled. I did not make a med error, none of my patients died, and no one fell. Why I had to remain in his office for nearly 30 minutes after working 12hour night shift is just silly to me. I guess it's the protocol but Im sick of it. I hope I am not over exaggerating but I am feeling more and more like bedside is not for me but I dont want to quit before my year is up. I want to have a solid year so I can move on to do other things that require that much experience. I am so tired and frankly I'm getting bored and unmotivated. How do I rectify this?! Please help. Thanks