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  1. Did you sign a contract? If so how many years? Besides the baked in contract of having the BSN paid for, you have to sign a contract. Is this correct?
  2. It must be very distressing to hear that. It's wrong all the way around. You have every right to let your employer know that this is not acceptable. He smokes MJ and abuses animals. Imagine what this guy would do to children. I would make a police re...
  3. 2 Weeks Notice?

    You're entitled to your PTO. Call in, only the amount where you don't need a doctors note if that matters, whatever your policy is, get your paid time off. It's their responsibility to get the shift covered especially if you have been treated so po...
  4. Is This Common in LTC?

    A lot of the doctors in LTC probably 100+ patients and are affiliated with many different facilities. They aren't even involved with the patient and haven't seen the patient in months.
  5. APS reporting and then termination

    Somebody should have addressed the wound. Whichever nurse was assigned for wound care. It sounds like a practice issue and not an abuse issue.
  6. Guns at the Bedside

    In Texas I've seen in home health, guns just laying on the table when you go to a patients house. But in hospitals or any health facility that I'm aware of, there is a very clear sign outside the door that prohibits carrying a gun inside a facility.
  7. APS reporting and then termination

    This doesn't sound like the appropriate action to take, to take this patient to the nurse station, and undress a wound. Maybe the administrator or DON was unhappy because you didn't follow the chain of command, file an incident report, etc? Not sure ...
  8. About To Give Up

    Not only test taking, but meet with your instructors and identify why your thinking isn't aligning with the right answers on the tests.
  9. Advice Please! Skilled Nursing to Assisted Living

    Sounds like an unstable work environment. They are stable patients, but when 1 fall turns into 2, and 2 wounds to 3, a patient turns into a hospice patient, the work adds up. You still have to admit, call MDs, ensure code status and send via 911.
  10. About To Give Up

    Identify where you are going wrong. I would fix that first before attempting again.
  11. Navigating the world of Restricted License

    Have you tried dialysis, psych, LTAC, agency or home health? Either that or personal physicians office.
  12. Arguing Over a Patient Assignment

    You HAVE to know this is wrong. You are a nurse and they don't teach this in your nursing curriculum. You selected everything but this statement on nursing exams I'm sure just so you could 'pass'. Besides, you're being paid to work at a facility, so ...
  13. Is 46 to old for LVN program and worth it?

    Actually in many other states, you do not need an I.V. certification as an LVN to do IV's. In Ca, you do need an I.V. cert. So CA is more limited. Also many RNs that I know, do not think they are superior to LVNs but the opportunities for RNs are ma...
  14. Student nurse HIPAA violation question

    Don't go back into the medical record. It is better to get a low grade for the clinical day, a low grade on the assignment, look stupid you didn't get your work done, assignment half done, whatever, than to violate HIPAA and get kicked out. Don't do ...
  15. Philippine doctors to nurses in the US

    Same with some other foreigners.
  16. Study how your instructors ask questions and then train your mind to think like that.
  17. Did the doctor not get in the same trouble for changing the cause of death?
  18. Shiftkey agency

    Does anyone work for this agency. It's not really an agency, it's just a platform for a nurse to schedule their own shifts. Does anyone have any problems at facilities they are scheduled?
  19. Should I give a two weeks' notice?

    UPDATE: Hey guys. Just wanted to update, this is late but there are MANY reasons why. OK, so after reading the replies after posting, I felt it was best to give my two weeks. So I showed up to work, I ran in to a friend and she told me the Direc...
  20. I just came asking for advice on a situation. There was a situation where a patient had to go the the ER and the nurse didn't assess the patient. This and most situations of this magnitude are swept under the rug. Many shady events have happened ov...
  21. Sneaky Administration

    Another one is being short staffed and admin knowing your short staffed. These are the people behind the scenes above the administrator, pulling the strings, 'approving' if there could be extra staff or not.
  22. Shiftkey agency

    Does anyone know of this agency? Not sure how many states it covers but I'm planning to onboard as a side job, it seems legit and I hear the pay is very good. Can anyone else give any information on this agency, ie scheduling, how many shifts you wor...
  23. Seeking Advice! Failed 2-Year Program. Now What?

    I saw the word 'impervious' on a test before, heck I've never used that word and don't know anyone who has. I don't even think a doctor uses that word (in the clinical setting). I could be wrong, but there were MANY words such as this that we don't r...
  24. Should I or should I go?

    a city of 500-700,00 probably would be exciting. My current town is a little over 4000. I'd say go to this city as you can go shopping, there are many jobs. Heck if there's a Walmart, then that suffices ?
  25. Seeking Advice! Failed 2-Year Program. Now What?

    Interestingly, reading comprehension is usually my weakest area (with probably 20 words on a standardized test that I've never heard of), math and science are my highest. Although we have weaknesses, this doesn't make someone a bad or lazy student or...