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Nursing has been a lifetime passion and I'm beyond excited to finally begin the journey to making my dream...reality!

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  1. mnewbaker

    I need some advice, desperately.

    Never mind. No one responds.
  2. mnewbaker

    Having trouble with Anatomy and Physiology

    You will be a 55 year old nurse or you won't! I absolutely love how profound this short statement is. I'll either be a 24 year old mom of two children when I'm 30, or I'll be a Nurse with 2 beautiful girls! HOW rewarding does THAT sound! Inspiration! Thank you!
  3. Wonderful story! Sounds like you're in the profession for the right reasons and that makes my heart SMILE!
  4. I will be starting the PN program in the Fall with a Pell grant. However, I still have the cost of childcare on my hands. Can anyone tell me if you can still receive your Pell Grant AND receive a student loan? I need $6,000 for the 12 months that she will be in childcare. YIKES! Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I start the PN program in the fall and will not be taking summer classes. I plan to try and familiarize myself with some of the major drugs like beta blockers and such. But I'd also like to find a good book that helps teach the best ways to study/take tests. With 2 children on board, I feel it's important for me to try and prepare and maybe a book could help me learn to manage my study time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!:)
  6. mnewbaker

    I got my acceptance letter!

    How very exciting! Thanks ya'll!
  7. mnewbaker

    I got my acceptance letter!

    Just so thrilled! I've been watching this site for about 10 months and am happy to report that I got my acceptance on the first round! I start in the fall! YAY! Anyone else starting the PN program in the fall?
  8. Submitted my very first application to selection to the nursing program today. I'm super excited to see what happens. I'll get to apply to two more schools in February. Keeping my fingers crossed and my faith strong that surely, 1 out of 3, will result in acceptance! Anyone else??
  9. mnewbaker

    Any nursing students with small kids?

    Wow! What an encouraging thread! :) I have a 5 year old (almost 6 in Sept) and an 18 month old, both girls. I'll be starting my nursing pre-reqs (again) in the fall! I attempted once before when I was 17, after I had my oldest daughter. Obviously, maturity level alone...I just wasn't ready, not to even mention that she has chronic neutropenia and a pancreas enzyme deficiency and we spent A LOT of time in and out of hospitals, and the outpatient cancer clinic was practically our second home. However, 5 years later, I am sad I wasn't this motivated before! I think about this day and night. I've dreamed my entire life of being a nurse and finally pursuing this is worth every struggle I KNOW is to come. My sister is an LPN and she told me about a girl in her class. She found out she was pregnant about 2 months into the program, went without missing her entire pregnancy, had her baby by c-section on friday and was back to school on monday... all with 2 other children at home under 5. If SHE can do it..... WE CAN!
  10. mnewbaker

    Pharmacology Vs. Microbiology

    It's very important that I soon make a decision of which class to take out of these 2. I've heard that they are both very challenging. I haven't a clue yet, but am leaning towards Micro? Any ideas?