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Pell Grant AND Student Loan???

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I will be starting the PN program in the Fall with a Pell grant. However, I still have the cost of childcare on my hands. Can anyone tell me if you can still receive your Pell Grant AND receive a student loan? I need $6,000 for the 12 months that she will be in childcare. YIKES! :barf02:

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

It will depend on ur EFC. I have used both for two yrs to help cover childcare and gas.


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You should be able to. Also look into scholarships!

I'm in the same boat as you, but my school doesn't participate in student loans. However I have received enough grants and scholarships to cover everything with some left over, which I will use to help pay for diapers!

Talk to your financial aid person. They can help you. Besides pell, there are also usually state level grants you can apply for. If your EFC is zero there is also a supplemental grant of $1000 you can get.

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When I attended a State University back in the 1990s, the financial aid office had me fill out forms detailing the cost of childcare so that I could increase my financial aid so that I could take out more money.

However, I also encourage you to look into getting subsidized child care. In my state, if you receive for welfare, you are guaranteed free child care as long as you are in training. I am going through the process now and have been using subsidized daycare while I complete my LVN school for the last 3 months. It has been a blessing - as have been the wonderful providers who've cared for my son.