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nursecolley has 27 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in School Nursing.

Mother of three. Divorced. Started career choice as a paramedic, then switched to nursing when I started a family.

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  1. nursecolley

    Accused of Falsifying Vital Signs

    I’ve been waiting over a year now for a decision from the Board
  2. nursecolley

    My First Code Blue! Still Trying To Process It

    My first Code Blue was as an EMT on my first ambulance call. My patient had flipped his car end over end and flew out of the car. I was putting a C-collar on when he stopped breathing. We picked him up and put him on the back board and stretcher and ...
  3. nursecolley

    Halloween: Are you prepared?

    I've done the intricate pumpkins but I will still have this problem. Soaking it overnight in water helps plump them back up. They do mold faster that way so I wait to carve them the week of Halloween.
  4. nursecolley

    Nursing Intuition- What Is It, and Do You Have It?

    I remember back in the days of being a paramedic. I had a patient with chest pain, and we couldn't get the stretcher to her bed, where she was laying. We set her in a chair to carry her out. She coded twice in the ambulance before we could get to the...
  5. nursecolley

    Monkey Bars

    Our school has some type of 'glider' that is supposed to allow the kids to hang onto as they 'fly' about 10 feet. One day they stacked milk crates they found beside the kitchen door and stood up on them, flinging the handles to each other. One fifth-...
  6. nursecolley

    Generation Z

    May I politely ask what is the point of this post? I'm sure it could be asked about the generation 25 years and above, and what is different with them? Several here have noted that some of the 'new behaviors' have been adopted by older members, and t...
  7. nursecolley

    The Bravest Thing I've Ever Done

    As I read your story, I have found myself nodding in agreement over and over. I wish I had been as brave as you. I waited until he cheated on me for a year, and found indisputable proof (which I read over and over to convince me). I had seen texts an...
  8. I can only speak for myself as a hospice nurse many moons ago. I recall that we had suction machines brought into homes for several patients, but not all. One case in particular was one in which fluids were gushing from the patient's mouth faster tha...
  9. nursecolley

    School you work through the summer?

    We get summers off, but if one of our diabetics or other child attends summer classes or energy express, we are able to bid on the job...The one for this summer is for 10 hours per week, from 8 am to 1 pm....Not sure how the math works there! LOL.......
  10. nursecolley

    Summer conference suggestions, please?

    I was approved to attend "Hot Topics in Pediatrics" this summer, but it appears to be geared more toward doctors. I was told I could choose another conference instead. Any suggestions for a WV nurse? I need to decide ASAP. Thanks!!!
  11. Oh, Lordy, I thought of some more. I took a patient in to the ER, and he was severely impacted. When we returned to transport him home, the doctor said, "He should be lighter now!" I brought in a GSW to the ER, nine months gestation, who was deceased...
  12. I was working in EMS, and was transferring a 17 year old, 24 weeks gestation from one hospital to another. The doctor told me that she would not deliver before we got to a higher level hospital. Halfway through the trip, my shoes became soaked. I qui...
  13. nursecolley

    Is It Summer Yet?!

    Everyone's plans sound so wonderful. I have dreams of traveling to Seattle to meet a newly discovered cousin. Then reality sets in. My mother has moved into my home, as her dementia is increasing at a rapid pace. We have transferred her care to Hospi...
  14. nursecolley

    Vaccinations Rock! How to Get Parents to Think So

    This has been my go-to argument, "Would you rather lose a child because you don't vaccinate for protection, or lose a child because you tried to protect him with vaccination?"
  15. nursecolley

    My own family is the PITA in the hospital

    For the nurses station!!!! The boys would have to improve before they get any!! Hang in there, Mom!!