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  1. NeoNatMom

    Chamberlain yes or no?

    Depends....how many classes have you done already for nursing? Do you have the time for the community college if it takes longer but saves a lot of money? Chamberlain is $675 per credit, and the school runs on quarter semester schedule so youd be paying anywhere between 3-6k per 8 weeks. I'm choosing Chamberlain for my personal situation. My completed prerequisites are still valid and I will need the min score on the entry exam to become an immediate nursing student. Whereas at a cheaper school my sciences all expired and they require additional courses putting me at 2 more years to complete prereqs to just to even apply. For me, I'm not willing to do that, so for me, the tuition is worth it at Chamberlain.
  2. NeoNatMom

    Chamberlain Jan 2019 Atlanta

    How has the program been thus far?
  3. NeoNatMom

    Chamberlain yes or no?

    Can I PM you? I would like advice for my situation. Thanks!
  4. NeoNatMom

    Chamberlain Atlanta 2019

    Does anyone know if the cost of the school is factored into whether or not you get Pell? I changed jobs since I was last in college and receive more now but this school is much more expensive and I will have to go PRN anyways to make time for this program. So what I'm making now wont reflect what I will be making once enrolled. Thanks for any info! NNM
  5. I cannot state how important this advice is. I was in a program and made it all the way to peds and OB and failed my OB portion by an inch. Pitocin....I froze and couldn't for the life of me remember how to simply convert micro units to units....this caused a potentially fatal error mathematically. And though I knew it was too high, knowing so isn't enough to count. You have to give the correct dose. This lead to my dismissal from my program, so I urge learning this simple arithmetic now and spare yourself the stress of learning it while juggling everything else you will be handling as a nursing student. Back to the beginning for me at a new institution. Hopefully all goes well this time! Thanks for this article! NNM
  6. NeoNatMom

    Is Chamberlain Atlanta Competitive

    I'm planning to apply here as well hopefully for September. I have a good friend who is there and close to graduating and he loves it. Didnt pass in a previous program and is excelling there. Says the staff is super supportive. The only thing is putting in your due diligence and managing your time wisely. You get out what you put in. Ask around about which courses are the heaviest in coursework because they have workbook packets called clinical packets that can be up to 19 pages I hear. They are pairing pharmacology with adult health and I hear these two together are heavy. I'm doing all the research I can before starting here. Be aware of their passing policies. You fail 2 classes and you're dismissed. So dont think you can retake classes over and over. Hope someone found this informative. I'm continuing to collect info all I can. NNM
  7. NeoNatMom

    A Chance for Redemption?

    Greetings, Thank you, I have spoken to the Dean of the next closest and most affordable option. There is of course no garuntees, and I have to retake all my sciences, as well as extra courses, get back into community service, take the TEAS, and hope they look past my dismissal. There is another school that has said I would definitely be accepted if I just passed the HESI A2 because my scores are so great. But the tuition will be between 40-50k. The cheaper option would take me about 5 years whereas the more expensive school is farther but would take 2 years and 8 weeks.
  8. NeoNatMom

    chamberlain 2019

    When you say people, which ones? And look down on the school, in what way? It's a for profit school so in that most grown up one because most will be stuck with a lot of loans to pay, and nurses ain't rich. However, if you take all the essentials at a cheaper institution then transfer you're cutting the price by about half. And they have so much support there, someone who helps you through the process of applying and then a success coach that's with you until you successfully graduate and you get a senior assigned to you as well ( I believe). If my cheaper option doesn't pan out, the Chamberlain will definitely be my program.
  9. NeoNatMom

    chamberlain 2019

    It is much easier according all whom have done both on allnurses
  10. NeoNatMom

    A Chance for Redemption?

    Hello Nursing Family, I come here with such a heavy heart. It aches so much that I have been to so many pinnings, none of them my own. I have not succeeded as I would have hoped in my attempts to become a nurse back in 2016. A few years have come and gone, and I am trying to put my mind back together for this. To come back and do it all over again. New school, expired sciences, additional prerequisites required (some of them sciences not required at my last institution), and a dismissal to my name. My last program allowed 2 attempts, the first I prematurely felt I wasnt able to pass (now I regret so much) so I dropped to save my GPA and re-entered the following cohort. The 2nd, failed OB med math at the start of third semester. I was so close. I had passed everything else before with ease. But this test...I was scared and had a complete panic attack. Now, I feel so scared again. Scared that I will take all these classes again, take additional ones, test for the TEAS, and still might not get accepted because of my dismissal. Is it even worth it? I feel so depressed. Today was my sister in laws pinning....at the same program I failed to make it through. I have such a passion and love for nursing, and it hurts me so much knowing it all disappeared from one math test (every other med math I had passed with an A the first try). I need some wisdom, guidance, anything. Thank you for your kind words in advanced NNM
  11. Hello all, I am in the market for purchasing the lecture notes for anatomy and physiology 2 from GTC. If anyone has this and is willing to sell it, please PM me. Thanks, NNM
  12. NeoNatMom

    Chamberlain Jan 2019 Atlanta

    We are GPA twins. How was the test? Especially the sciences?? NNM
  13. im not starting until Spring or Summer 2019 or I would join pending passing the HESI...Sigh Anyone got some solid tips to narrow my studying in the A&P section? I don't want to waste time on details so any help would be greatly appreciated. NNM
  14. NeoNatMom

    Help choosing a study guide for HESI for RN program

    Use the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review 4th Ed by Elsevier. Good luck! NNM
  15. NeoNatMom

    Denied from nursing school...

    I will day that if she was neck and neck with someone who had one less W or fail then no, this isnt unfair. Your performance in the past is all they can judge. Now as far as expiring As. I'm in the same boat and mine are only 5 years old. Going for a medical or healthcare related field, everything has a shelf life for the exact reason that science is always changing so we must be current to this knowledge. I was dismissed from my nursing program but that sure isnt gonna stop me. It's all persistence. She will get there eventually. She just has to ask when she can do to better her odds in the future and do that. Best of luck for her! Great gpa! NNm
  16. NeoNatMom

    Please Give ME any Good Reason to Stay in the Nursing Field

    If I wanted 6 figures, nursing would not be my pick. Everyone has a right to their reasons for entering the field, but if it is for financial reasons, I would not imagine the pay being sufficient for you to want to stay. Most do not make what you desire and the job and process of obtaining a license is very difficult and requires a ton of dedication. I wish you the best!

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