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  1. I cannot state how important this advice is. I was in a program and made it all the way to peds and OB and failed my OB portion by an inch. Pitocin....I froze and couldn't for the life of me remember how to simply convert micro units to units....this caused a potentially fatal error mathematically. And though I knew it was too high, knowing so isn't enough to count. You have to give the correct dose. This lead to my dismissal from my program, so I urge learning this simple arithmetic now and spare yourself the stress of learning it while juggling everything else you will be handling as a nursing student. Back to the beginning for me at a new institution. Hopefully all goes well this time! Thanks for this article! NNM
  2. NeoNatMom

    Is Chamberlain Atlanta Competitive

    I'm planning to apply here as well hopefully for September. I have a good friend who is there and close to graduating and he loves it. Didnt pass in a previous program and is excelling there. Says the staff is super supportive. The only thing is putting in your due diligence and managing your time wisely. You get out what you put in. Ask around about which courses are the heaviest in coursework because they have workbook packets called clinical packets that can be up to 19 pages I hear. They are pairing pharmacology with adult health and I hear these two together are heavy. I'm doing all the research I can before starting here. Be aware of their passing policies. You fail 2 classes and you're dismissed. So dont think you can retake classes over and over. Hope someone found this informative. I'm continuing to collect info all I can. NNM
  3. NeoNatMom

    A Chance for Redemption?

    Greetings, Thank you, I have spoken to the Dean of the next closest and most affordable option. There is of course no garuntees, and I have to retake all my sciences, as well as extra courses, get back into community service, take the TEAS, and hope they look past my dismissal. There is another school that has said I would definitely be accepted if I just passed the HESI A2 because my scores are so great. But the tuition will be between 40-50k. The cheaper option would take me about 5 years whereas the more expensive school is farther but would take 2 years and 8 weeks.
  4. NeoNatMom

    A Chance for Redemption?

    Hello Nursing Family, I come here with such a heavy heart. It aches so much that I have been to so many pinnings, none of them my own. I have not succeeded as I would have hoped in my attempts to become a nurse back in 2016. A few years have come and gone, and I am trying to put my mind back together for this. To come back and do it all over again. New school, expired sciences, additional prerequisites required (some of them sciences not required at my last institution), and a dismissal to my name. My last program allowed 2 attempts, the first I prematurely felt I wasnt able to pass (now I regret so much) so I dropped to save my GPA and re-entered the following cohort. The 2nd, failed OB med math at the start of third semester. I was so close. I had passed everything else before with ease. But this test...I was scared and had a complete panic attack. Now, I feel so scared again. Scared that I will take all these classes again, take additional ones, test for the TEAS, and still might not get accepted because of my dismissal. Is it even worth it? I feel so depressed. Today was my sister in laws pinning....at the same program I failed to make it through. I have such a passion and love for nursing, and it hurts me so much knowing it all disappeared from one math test (every other med math I had passed with an A the first try). I need some wisdom, guidance, anything. Thank you for your kind words in advanced NNM
  5. Im a Christian, but find you hilarious and you make valid points.
  6. I like the way you put this :) I know as a Christian who has yet to experience much in clinicals being a new student, I have a lot to learn, both Biblically and clinically. I need to do more reading for sure. Thanks for this insight!
  7. I definitely won't flame to what you have said. This is actually part of what I was meaning by the many things I don't agree with. I don't believe being gay, lesbian, transgender or anything outside of God's design is right. There is no going around it as a Christian, though many people would like argue that perhaps God didn't mean it how we make it out to be understood. But that is just trying to adjust the Bible to fit their own desires so the world will be more acceptable toward them. And that does bring me to your latest point; Jesus was never about trying to dilute His teaching so it would make others like Him more, because then He would be lying and according to what we have learned He never sinned so clearly He was honest, but gentle with the hurt that needed healing. I guess in more clear terms, I would be honest if I had a patient ask me how I perceived things. I don't care to be politically correct to make others comfortable while I keep my mouth shut and remain unimportant about my feelings on the matter. However, if someone wants me to address them by a name typically meant for the opposite gender, I would do it. Why? Because they can be named anything, regardless of their gender. Refusal to care for a transgender or gay patient is not only unethical, its sinful, but this statement is just be reiterating another person's post prior to ours. I still am very weary on if I would address someone by a pronoun not biologically fit to them, but I feel I need to do more Bible studying to solidify more what I believe regarding how Jesus would hand has handled situations similar to these. Right now, I would probably have to remain silent on pronouns and stick to saying their full name. then again, I am a new nursing student, so I am lacking in experience ans insight, both as a future nurse, and a Christian. I have more growth to do all around.
  8. What I feel about these topics is that it always goes back to religion(s) for most people; there is a right way and a wrong way to living life and staying a true believer, and not go against what you believe, all the while, giving people the equal respect that is due. I don't agree with many, many things. But as a Christian myself, I would not hesitate for a second to care for someone who needs me. It actually says that when someone needs our help and we are able to help them but choose not to, it is wrong in God's eyes. I don't understand why people are so naive to the degree that they would refuse to care for patients just because he doesn't agree with their choices. I mean, what if he was in ICU or an ER nurse and had a patient who was an alcoholic or a drug addict who was seeking medical help? Would he turn them away too because he doesn't support alcoholism or recreational drugs? That is just silly and many of these kids going into this type of field need to think about things like that.
  9. NeoNatMom

    Everyone Won't Succeed. And That's Okay!

    I suppose it's possible, but I'm willing to work at clinics, offices, schools, many areas to look into until a more desirable position comes my way. I think the part of nursing that could be considered outdated in the future would be more on those with associates degrees. And pushing for higher education for certain specialties like having a doctorate to become a nurse anesthetist.
  10. NeoNatMom

    Everyone Won't Succeed. And That's Okay!

    I definitely agree with you! A lot comes into play when it comes to overall success of any one human being. I mean, the true story of the Pursuit of Happiness is a perfectly good example. My parents weren't academic, my mom is on welfare and my dad used to make 6 figures through self taught repairs of printing presses but they unfortunately are out dated now and he struggles a bit to make ends meet. My mother lacks determination while my father didnt. I saw the difference in lifestyles of both of my parents growing up and it was abundantly clear which life I wanted for me and my future family. I learn from other's mistakes; I am going to school to have a stable job that I enjoy, unlike my mother; and I'm going into a field that will never be out dated, unlike my father. And as you said, it was my choosing to make this life happen for myself, not my parents. I personal would not teach my child that it's a good thing to be complacent and not push themselves to get a higher education than high school. Educational background provides more options and I would want my child to have options.
  11. NeoNatMom

    How I Passed NCLEX-RN the second time.

    i was under this same stress when i took my entrance exam. I failed badly my first try and retook it again a month later and made in the top 10 for my group of applicants :) all things are possible. Keep pushing forward!