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11:11 specializes in SICU-MICU,Radiology,ER.

The Gifts that Keep on Giving:Aggression, Dedication to peers, Sacrifice of self for the better of the Whole.

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  1. 11:11

    CCN Review

    Hey everyone. I want to take the CCRN exam this coming summer and wanted to check in with those of you who are currently certified especialy those of you who recently passed the test. I have about 5 years high aquity ICU experience, 9 months IVR (travel assignment), and about a year now in a very busy level 1 trauma center ER (I dont want to take the CEN yet). Most of my colleagues who are certified say they studied about 6 months. I have Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's DVDs but havent decided on which book to get, either the AACN core curriculum or other? So my questions are: How long to study? What book to use? Thanks!
  2. 11:11

    Are any of you guys as burned out as I am?

    I dont blame you for wanting out. Ive only been in this for about six years and Ive just about had it. Ive been in a few jobs myself having got into this later in life. Ive never met a more rude group of people. Im not sure what it is about nurses overall that makes them think they have the right to talk to other nurses the way they do. They cant do that to strangers on the street.... Ive heard a lot of suggestions about making nursing a better profession including being treated better by Doctors. I think nurses should focus on treating each other better instead. An entire year in Iraq in an Infantry battalion as an Infantryman I was treated better by peers and Iraqis alike. Dont get me wrong. Ive met some amazing individuals in nursing. My solution? Working part time and agency has been the solution so far. And setting myself up in another industry. Best of luck to you. Perhaps occupational nursing might be worth looking into-
  3. 11:11

    ICU nurses?

    This hasnt happened more than once or twice the year or so Ive worked agency but it really depends on your area. Around here some of the agency nurses talk of a dry period where quite a few of them had to hold staff jobs for awhile becuase things were so slow. In many areas things can be kind of seasonal. Ask some of the agency people that work on your floor. Theyll most likey give you the scoop. ICU is one of the better places to do agency work. If you work perdiem you most likey will not float. If you do contract youll most likey get floated to the floor unless tyou have an agreement- just my 2 bits 11
  4. 11:11

    Finally on the floor!!

    Youll most likely feel "uncomfortable" for more than a few days. Ive heard of nurses that puked after shifts for months. That was never me and doesnt have to be you of course. If youre like anyone else youll most likey feel like you are not doing enough or forgetting something for awhile. Most importantly, dont kiss ass but at the same time respect your elders. In the case of an older guy like myself that can mean people half my age if they have more experience and knowledge than I do. Jot down some notes from the day and research them when you go home after your shift. The learning doesnt necessarliy stop when you leave the floor for the day. Bring some questions to your preceptor the next shift. Treat him or her with some dignity regardless... Not everyone on the floor is going to be nice to you. Some just eat their young or arent very pleasant people. Thats the way it is. Find those that will help you and go to them. Youll find who they are. Learn to prioritize. After time youll find your timing, that comes with experience. Work hard and study and youll do just fine Im sure- Break a leg 11
  5. 11:11

    Finding a job harder than school and NCLEX put together

    This might be a route you should consider. Nothing wrong with being an LPN of course, but your opportunites will be greater as an RN. I would try to stay out of LTC and focus on hospitals or clinics but thats just me and my preferences. Maybe try an inpatient rehab program also- HTH 11
  6. 11:11

    Need advice from agency nurses!!

    I think that you might want to give the agency a try if that is what you have been thinking about anyway (unless there is something you arent telling us). If you have a few years experience then you should be fine as long as you stay within your limits (read capabilities). I have found if you are assertive yet polite you can use the same resources as the staff nurses (ie pharmacy , lab etc). However, Id advise anyone to bring their own such as med guide, IV drug guide, med dictionary etc. Now Im going with a PDA. It helps to have all that at your side rather than to run around like a chicken with your head cut off. Why dont you try the agency part time and keep your day job part time? I keep a casual job at my last full time employer and it has helped. They supply my ACLS and BLS etc etc, and Im there for them when they really need me. Its benficial to both and you can always go back in some capacity if you decide you dont like the agency gig- Best of luck 11
  7. 11:11

    Male nurses in Milwaukee willing to mentor?

    Personally Im not a big fan of meeting people directly through the internet. Nursing isnt one of those careers that you should try on a whim (my opinion others may vary). Chances are if you are even half way serious about nursing youve thought about it for a time if even in a distant way. If you dont have much of a science background maybe you might think about taking some chem or math and see how you do. Then go shadow some nurses in the ER or other units and see what you think of it. Just remember, there is no way to escape the poop- 11
  8. 11:11


    I put this in this forum because I am a SICU nurse by specialty. Ive been away from nursing for a year while in Iraq, and now Ill be returing to the floor in about a month or more. Ive got some CCRN vids and a couple books Im working on to get back in the game. Any of you been away from nursing for a year or more then returned? What did you do to get up to speed? Anything you'd do different? I think I might ask for a mini reorientation too when I get back. Comments appreciated- 11
  9. 11:11

    Developing Speed

    There is no substitute for experience which is where your speed will come from. It helps to prioritize too. I am a neat freak and I tend to get stuck in corners if Im not careful. At times I have to ask myself just which task at hand is the most important? You can observe others and learn from them. PDA's can help keep you from running around too. But the bottom line is youll have to pay your dues on the floor to get the skills which will serve you well- 11
  10. 11:11

    Why Men In Nursing

    After many trips to big city ERs as a lad, I thought nursing to be exciting. I took a paycut to enter this profession. I too, think there is a spiritual component to providing aid and care- 11
  11. 11:11

    paramedic nursing

    Here we go again I cant argue with the experience of the members above. Im not an EMT-P, but having done some transport nursing and volunteering at an ALS service I can say that if you believe that as a nurse you can easily do EMT-P skills your are mistaken. As nurses we are not taught advanced airway skills, central line placement, chest tube placement, controling scenes etc etc. There is a reason that course is at least one intense year. That doesnt mean we cannot learn these skills with a service that will teach us on the job (and OR etc) like I started to do. For some of us it is worth it to get this certification and apply the skills in the field. But for most of us it will be for personal reasons, not money. Most of the flight nurses I know in my area of permenant residence end up going to CRNA school if anything- 11
  12. 11:11

    Womens interest in male nurses

    My other profession is the Infantry, combat arms. Im not sure if the two "tie" into each other or not other than to say that there is nothing unmanly about nursing, and that I am knowledgable about patient care. I was able to convince our Battalion PA to add fenanyl lollipops to our formulary and Ive taught soldiers to question their care if they are not happy with it (ie anthrax vaccine). Ironically, a few hunderd years ago nursing was the persuit of monestaries which was all male- HTH 11
  13. 11:11

    Womens interest in male nurses

    I have never really experienced this type of predudice. To the contrary when I tell women I am a nurse, or when I was in school a nursing student, I always recieved respect. The only comment I recieved from a women while in nursing school was another student who was complaining that all of the patients would be calling me "Doctor" instead of nurse. When I was in school I was still single until my last couple of semesters when I met my wife. It made dating women easier if anything if you want to go there. I should think you would be making it work for you, not feeling somehow emasculated in the eyes of women you converse with. As far as other men go, Some of my older friends introduce me as a "male nurse" but I think that is a generational thing. In my other profession which is "manly" by its very nature, I have not heard one peep about me being a nurse, to my face or otherwise. To the contrary, the guys I roll with like having me around especially since our medic got hit. Stand up and hold your head high- 11
  14. 11:11

    Older guys like me, how did you get started?

    I dont know that I can be much help, I wasnt in the same situation as you when I went to school. I didnt meet my wife until the year I graduated so I didint have the same bills as you do. I was 35 when I went to school. Because I couldnt afford to go in my home state I move half way across the country to an area that I could afford. Fortunately for me I was a high pay labor contractor so I worked for myself through school three days a week. I attended school the other four days. There were no weekends or days off for over three years. Before I entered the program I got all GE out of the way which took three semesters full time. That made working and the nursing courses bearable for me (there is a lot that isnt shown on the syllabus). I also borrowed. What I do know from nursing school and elsewhere, where theres a will theres a way. Theres also a price to pay no matter what you do, or dont. Take care- 11
  15. 11:11

    I passed my nursing boards!

  16. In my ED nurses are required to have ACLS, then PALS and TNCC within six months. NRP is nice and they teach it here at this facility but mostly the OB and supervisors carry it- 11