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  1. Still Standing

    Update I passed NCLEX PN!

    Thankyou all! I accepted a job offer today!!!
  2. Still Standing

    Update I passed NCLEX PN!

    I used Kaplan test taking strategies and it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I had about 30 or more SATA
  3. Still Standing

    Update I passed NCLEX PN!

    So I took my test Tuesday morning OCT.14th did the PVT trick Several times throughout the afternoon kept getting the good pop up. Wed. October 15th at around 8:30am I checked my State's BON site and did a license lookup and put my name in and there it was my name and license number!!!!! Im grateful and happy that I passed this test especially on the first attempt but at the same time I feel like it hasn't really hit me yet. I searched and stared at my name several times in awww. Like man I made it!!!! Its been a journey!
  4. Still Standing


    I searched it on here I dont remember exactly where but I asked past graduates from my school if I had the right one.
  5. Still Standing


    Saunders is great for review of the content books like Kaplan NCLEX PN 2014 test taking strategies is good for learning about test how to figure out the question and what's its asking and how to answer. Good luck
  6. Still Standing


    I read Kaplan a couple of times did the practice questions and went through the rationale. I read through that 35 page study guide that's been floating around, I mainly focused on reviewing the main basic content like the different precautions, drug endings, fluid s and electrolytes and acid base. I skimmed through my adult health text and Saunders review book. I didn't go through the tests online from Saunders bc we used it throughout our program for tests grades. I also went back through Ati practice tests, our program also used Ati heavily. And that was it. I didn't study everyday all day just a few days out the week I felt like I didn't do enough before going in. I wouldn't say my test was easy it just wasn't as tricky or hard as I expected it to be. I had 195 questions I had 2 hrs left. I had like 30 or more SATA Which in school wasn't my strongest point!!! A lot of praying and trusting and believeing in myself. And stayed calm and relax!
  7. Still Standing


    Well I took my exam this morning waited till I got home about an hour1/2 later did the PVT trick got the good pop up! Feeling really good about it I felt great afterwards. Just waiting till tomorrow when I see my name and license number on the Alabama board of Nursing site.!!!!!!
  8. Still Standing

    Failure is an Option: A New Grad Story

    Amazing Testimony Congratulations!
  9. Still Standing

    Passed this Semester !!!

    I'm so thankful to God that I passed Maternity and Child Nursing. This was my second time taking it and I made it. I'm beyond excited and glad that I can put the Spring behind me and get ready for the Summer where I will be taking my last two classes and in 9 Short weeks I will be graduating!!!! Who else will be with me Summer 2014 LPN Graduates:)) !!!!!
  10. Still Standing

    I Passed The NCLEX PN 2/11/13

    Congrats you guys!
  11. Still Standing

    why are you going the LPN route?

    Don't look forward to having a kid friendly class and clinical schedule no matter what nursing program you're in. At most schools they're are no options for class and clincal times and days there's only one option and its what they say. Clincal times can start as early as 5:30am unless you're in an evening program and the site could be 15 minutes away from your home or almost 2 hours away! You have to be prepared for the class and clinical hours but just know if you do get picked to go to the site that's the furthest away atleast ut will only last for so many hours and days depending on the course and clinical hour requirement.
  12. Still Standing

    why are you going the LPN route?

    I am going the LPN route for several reasons . First I wanted to start at that level and work my way up I figure by doing so I will have more clinical experience that will better prepare me for the next level. Another reason is a financial one I've been working 2 and at times 3 jobs for several years and wanted to get my foot in the door faster so I wouldn't have to work so many jobs. Another reason is because Nursing Programs are so competitive at all the schools I applied for they offer both so I apply to both and got accepted into LPN. The reason I selected both was to increase my chances of getting into either one of the programs. I heard a rumor that those who do will most likely get in to the LPN program since Most applicants only apply for the RN program. In addition its cheaper since I'm maxed out on pell because I already have a degree and already took courses to apply for a RN-BSN/MSN program. A lot of nurses I know that took the LPN route first were able to work full time and continue their education and a bonus was that their employer offered tuition assistance in return they take a promotion and stay with the company for atleast a year! I will be graduating in August of this year! My goal from their is starting in an LPN to RN bridge next summer which will only take an additional year for that and to the next step and then to MSN since I'm done with all pre reqs.
  13. Still Standing

    Failed nclex in 75 questions. Take NCLEX tomorrow!!

    A friend of mine who just took it was told by the examiner that how many questions you get is random for everyone how many you get doesn't determine if you pass or fail. She got 85 and passed and so did another one of my friends, and another got the whole 265 and passed as well. Just do the trick and keep checking the boards site to see if your name comes up. Good luck.
  14. Still Standing


    Thank You for your testimony! :-)
  15. Still Standing

    75 questions, good pop-up, 23-25 SATA!

  16. Still Standing

    Passed nclex on 5th attempt....


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