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  1. What is a CNA's Role in a Hospital???

    How do you get a job at a hospital being a CNA? How competitive is it?
  2. NY pre nursing students,have a question..

    That makes me angry. I just applied for an ADN program. It is VERY competitive and it's a great school, you learn so much! I hate to say this, but I am graduating with an associates degree in human services in May and I don't have the money to do ano...
  3. Nursing Programs in New York

    Not sure downstate, but I know of a few upstate (Near Albany region) there is Morrisville or Hartwick. But Hartwick is rather expensive. Both offer BSN though.
  4. Hmmm...

    Okay all so I have been seeing many questions about a BSN vs. ADN. I was planning on attending a community college near me for an associates in Nursing and they are accredited and it is a very competitive school. I know everyone keeps saying on here ...
  5. I think it depends on the area just like others have said. I searched my area just now for RN jobs and found 4 in my area. Then I searched an area that is an hour away from me and found 66 RN jobs there. I am from New York, and not downstate, I live ...
  6. Waiting game!

    My marks are good too, I have a 3.9 GPA and when I told the pre-nursing advisor this, he said that was great and once they confirm it, I should get in, but I may be wait-listed because they only have 30 seats available and they are first come first s...
  7. I think it depends on the area, I know near me in Albany new york it's about $45. hr on their job posting site, however in Cooperstown, NY it is somewhat lower and is a smaller area.
  8. How hard is sociology ?

    It depends on the school but I have taken 2 separate sociology courses at my school and they were very easy. We didn't have a lot of papers, just study and read the book to get the sociological perspectives right.
  9. Waiting game!

    So I applied for nursing school for Fall 2012. I will graduate from my current college in May and then hopefully transfer for the nursing program. I am missing one of the prereqs which is A&P. So I called the school and talked to a pre-nursing ad...
  10. To future, current, and past nurses!

    Hello all! I am currently attending college majoring in child and family services, I plan on graduating in May and then transferring to a community college to get a degree in nursing. But I wanted to ask all of you...what made you pick nursing? What ...
  11. Associate Degree program a thing of the past...

    Hi everyone, I am currently attending a state school majoring in Child and Family services. I graduate in May and then I plan on transferring to a community college to get my nursing degree. Since an associates in nursing is becoming obsolete accordi...
  12. Confused on Pre-reqs

    I plan on calling them but they are closed for the holidays right now and re-open on the 3rd. I plan on calling them then. I want to see if some of my credits will transfer too. If they do (my freshman foundation class, math, composition, sociology a...
  13. Confused on Pre-reqs

    Hello all! I am currently enrolled at a State School in NY majoring in Child and Family Services. I plan on transferring once I graduate in May to a community college for nursing. I am a tad confused though. These are the pre-req's they have for thei...
  14. Got Accepted :)

    Grats! Hoping I get in too!
  15. RN question?

    It seems like that is what everyone keeps saying. That nursing school in itself is not hard on the academic side, it is just very time consuming because you have clinical and other classes to keep up with and it is so much to learn in a short amount ...