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  1. Lol sorry, I didn't mean to get so repetitive with my posts. I just wanted to get as many opinions on it as I can. But if it truly bothers you all that much, you really don't have to reply. My life won't end if you don't.
  2. I'm planning on getting my ADN. I originally wanted a BSN, but I can't afford the schooling required for it at the moment. SO I'm opting to go for an associates degree, work for a couple of years, then do an RN-BSN bridge program. I live in San Francisco, and I wanted to know, is it harder to find a job as an RN with just an ADN in the Bay Area? I really want to be an RN, always have and always will. But it seems like EVERYONE is into nursing nowadays, which is why all the nursing schools are so impacted. I feel like once I've graduated, earned my ADN, and earned my RN license, it's still going to be hard to find a job because all the competition I'm gonna have. Especially those with BSN's. It's really discouraging and making me not wanna go for nursing at all anymore =(. Any ADN RN's have any problems w/ finding a job? How long did it take you?
  3. I'm from San Francisco and am planning on getting my ADN. Can anyone from the Bay Area, or anybody who knows, tell me if it's harder to find a job as an RN with an ADN only? I know it's probably a better plan to get a BSN first, but I just can't at the moment because I can't afford it. My plan is to get my ADN then work for a couple years and then go back to school to get my BSN. Any help/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. guevarrar

    Should I go for an ADN or do an LVN-BSN program?

    Anyone know ant bridge programs that offer tose in California? Preferably in the Bay Area? I want to get my ADN then possibly go back to school online to earn my BSN. My other alternative is to go for an LVN job then do an LVN-BSN program.
  5. guevarrar

    Are nurses really high in demand?

    How does a new grad get experience?
  6. guevarrar

    Are nurses really high in demand?

    What about in California? Why is it that many ADN RN's find it difficult to find a job as an RN? I would love to get my BSN, but I just don't know how I can afford to get a BSN at the moment. State schools are so impacted and competitive. Private universities are waaaay too expensive. So my only choice to go for my ADN. But now I'm having second thoughts after reading on this forum about how many people couldn't find jobs as an RN with an ADN since most hospitals require a BSN. I really want to be an RN, always have and always will. Any advice, guys?
  7. I want to get my associate's degree from the community college that I am currently attending. I live in San Francisco, CA and almost all the nursing school's near SF are highly impacted. But if I do get into the ADN program and earn my ADN and become an RN, will it be harder to find an ADN-RN job than an RN-BSN? Do places require than RN's have BSNs only? I would love to get my BSN but all the schools that offer BSN programs are highly impacted and super competitive. My plan right now is to go for my ADN then maybe get my BSN online, is that a good plan? Has anyone ever done that, get their BSN online? How much is the pay difference between an ADN and BSN?
  8. guevarrar

    Should I go for an ADN or do an LVN-BSN program?

    I know Radiation Therapy has nothing to do with nursing, but whatever. I can't get my BSN straight away because right now, there are many things keeping me back: impacted schools, competitiveness, and tuition fees for private universities. So I'm going for my ADN. It's also highly impacted but I'm going to try anyways. Once I earn my ADN, I want to go to school again to earn my BSN. My other alternative is going for the LVN program first, work for a bit, then do an LVN-RN bridge program. Is that a better choice? Anyone know any info about radiation therapy? Is it high in demand? The pre-reqs are pretty much the same, except RT has physics, which I'm not too bad at.
  9. guevarrar

    Should I go for an ADN or do an LVN-BSN program?

    I want to get my ADN. If not, could the LVN-RN bridge program be a better choice?
  10. guevarrar

    CSM fall 2011 applicants!

    hey, just wondering, what is the selection process like at csm? is it by lottery? i currently go to ccsf and trying to get my pre-qreqs done and i want to apply to as many rn programs as i can once i complete my courses.
  11. guevarrar

    Want a BSN in Philippines

    Any update on you guys? I'm planning on doing the same. I live in San Francisco, CA and almost all the community college RN programs around my area are all so impacted! And they all do the lottery process so my chances of getting in each year are slim. BSN colleges are so impacted as well, so transferring would just waste my time. Private schools are just waaaay too expensive. I want to go to school in the PI to earn my BSN and come back here to SF to take the NCLEX-RN. Can you do that? Can foreign BSN's take the NCLEX-RN? It's cheaper if I go to school there. I;m currently a second year college students.
  12. Yeah, I have to take Medical Chemistry (which is general, organic, and biochem all in one) as a pre-requisite for microbiology & physiology. I can't take those classes unless I pass medical chem. I took in the spring and ended up dropping because I wasn't doing well in the lecture class. The labs were okay though.
  13. I live in San Francisco and I current go to CCSF. Nursing is super impacted, so it's hard to get in. I believe CCSF does a lottery for students being accepted into the RN program. So what I'm thinking is maybe I could go to the LVN program here at CCSF and then apply for an LVN-RN bridge program somewhere. Has anyone done that? What schools near SF has a LVN-RN program? And anyone know which community colleges DOESN'T have a lottery process? I really want to be an RN, but so many things are keeping me back. USF was my first choice, but when I talked to a counselor from USF and realized I would be borrowing over 100k in loans, I backed out. NOT worth it. So I decided to go for an ADN, but I found out that most CC's go by the lottery process. UGHH I don't know what to do. Any advice guys? I'm only 18 and on my second year of college, I know I have plenty of time since I'm still young, but I want to become an RN sooner than later.
  14. I'm a US citizen, but I'm planning on moving back to the Philippines to go to school and major in nursing. Will I be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN here in California once I earn my BSN?
  15. Anatomy, Chemistry, Microbiology or Physiology? Would you say that Chemistry was the hardest? I've taken Chemistry in high school and it was a nightmare. I'm pretty good at memorizing so any science courses that doesn't involve a lot of math would be good for me.
  16. Do they pick students for their nursing programs by how well they did on their pre-requisites or by putting their name in a pool and randomly picking students?

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