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    Become a nurse at 41 from six figures???

    I would advise you to think very carefully and talk to as many nurses as possible before you make a decision. I am 51 and have had several careers. I have a CPA, MBA, worked in accounting for many years and have also taught high school for 5 years. I was not satisfied doing all these things and had always dreamed of being a nurse. I graduated May of 2011 with my BSN. Working as a nurse has been a big disappointment to me. It is very stressful and at many times feels like an impossible situation. I wanted to help and serve people (which is why I found accounting so unsatisfying) however, nursing is so busy and you are pulled in so many directions that at the end of the day, I still didn't feel I was providing the kind of care I wanted for my patients because of time constraints. The pay is also very poor. I was making more teaching high school (which is hard too, but with much better hours) than working 12 hour shifts as a nurse. To top it off, after working 7-8 months my knee started hurting, I discovered I have bone on bone arthritis and the only solution is knee replacement which I am not ready for. I have just resigned my med surg nursing position because it is too painful to work 12 hour shifts. I know there are other nursing jobs out there with better hours, but I have less than 1 year experience and right now I just can't bring myself to look. Anyway, I don't mean to be all negative, I just want to make sure you know about some of the possiblities before you make this decision. You also might want to consider volunteering at a local hospital in the evenings or weekends. This would let you become more familiar with the environment and help make your decision. You might find that as a volunteer you can do more to truly help and serve people without all the other constraints. If you decide nursing is what you still want, then go for it. Best of luck with whatever you decide!
  2. I am currently working as a med surg nurse in Arkansas and we will be moving to Atlanta in the next year. I am interested in getting an NP in Psych. I have started trying to look at programs around Atlanta and the only one I can find is as Georgia State and I'm wondering how good it is. I have sent an email and have not gotten a response and I'm wondering if they are going to continue with the program. I do have an option here to get the degree in Arkansas before I move. I'm wondering though, since there aren't many programs around Atlanta, does this mean the job market for them is not good and they are not utilized or would it mean there would be many opportunities since there are not many graduates? I would appreciate any insight or information anyone has. Thanks!!
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    Feeling a little defeated...and exhausted with studying!!

    Hi! I took the Kaplan live review course the last week in May and sat for the NCLEX today. I did all the Kaplan online Qtest and QBank questions. On the Qtrainer my scores ranged from 58 to 70 and my Q bank cumulative was 66. I thought the exam questions were very similar in style to Kaplan. The actual NCLEX did not seem as intimidating to me as I thought it would be. It stopped at 75 questions, and I won't know for 3 days (my state does not have fast results) although I got the good pop up from Pearsonvue. So try to relax and just keep doing questions! Good luck to you!
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    UAMS 2011

    There used to be a nursing brochure that you could download that had the curriculum in it but I don't see it anywhere on there to be downloaded. You ought to go ahead and get the informational packet that they talk about under future students. That will probably have it in it too. They are talking about changing it but here is the way mine went. First summer. Health assessment, fundamentals 1. Fall Fundamentals 2 and either OB, Peds or Psych and another course (I'm not sure cause I was in the honors and took something else) Spring, Ob, Peds or Psych (whichever you didn't take) and professionalism. Fall senior year either Adult health, Leadership managment and something else or Community health and older adult and another course. Then spring you have whatever you didn't have in the fall and complex health. Hope that helps it sounds pretty confusing. It is hard to predict if you will get in based on the GPA, it just depends on how many apply and how many they are going to take. Good luck to you!
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    UAMS 2011

    Hi! I am just getting to graduate from UAMS in a couple of weeks. It has been a long road. I can't tell you much about acceptance criteria because it seems to vary a lot from year to year. The year I got in they pretty much took everyone above a 2.5 Last year I heard they only took about half as many an the cutoff was somewhere around 3.0 or 3.1 When I got in we didn't have to take an exam before we applied so i don't know. Sorry I don't have a lot of info but feel free to ask any questions.
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    New Nursing Students age 50 and up

    Barinbass, I'm curious about your experience in grad school. What type program are you in? I'm in a BSN program currently (I'm 49) and have no prior nursing experience. I'm planning on graduating in May 2011 and starting a DNP program in July 2011. It will take 3 years so I"l be 53 when I finally finish.
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    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    catslady, I have sent an email to someone I used to know that graduated from the UAMS psych program about 1 year ago. If I hear back from her and hear anything helpful I'll pass it on. Have you heard anything about the quality or rankings of the different programs you are looking at?
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    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    marlilynmom, No I don't work in psych now. I'm still in a BSN program and won't graduate until May 2011. I'm planning to start grad school Aug 2011. I know that is not the best way to do it, but I'll be 50 then and I figure I need to go ahead and get the advanced degree. I'm hoping to be working while I'm going to school so I can start to gain experience. I bet working with teen sex offenders is interesting. I used to teach high school and I know that got crazy at times. Will the U of South Alabama help you find clinical sites? Is their program all on line or will go you have to go the campus? I haven't looked at their program yet. Oh, we used to live in Lawton, OK don't know if you are close to that or not. Interesting area. catslady56 I'm currently in the BSN Honors program at UAMS. I have heard some other stories about students not being able to get in graduate classes and I find that worrisome and one reason Im thinking about going straight for the DNP at Memphis. The DNP program (at least it says on the website) is 3 years from a BSN to DNP. What do you do in psych home health? I didn't know that even existed. Do you drive all over Arkansas?
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    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    marilynmom, Thanks so much for sharing your reasoning for psych rather than family NP. I share a lot of your concerns about family NP. I am 49 and just getting my BSN now (will graduate in May 2011) However, I am in the honors program so I am taking 10 hours of grad classes in my BSN program that will count toward either a masters or DNP. I also think maybe the pace and the hours of the psych practitioner would be better. I agree that psych is extremely interesting. This summer I am doing a geriatric externship where I get to shadow various NP's . I have specifically requested to follow a geri-psych practitioner to I am anxious to see what that is like. I do want to make sure that they don't just hand out prescriptions all day-I would like to talk to people too and possible hold group counseling sessions too. I'm glad to hear that the demand is out there for Psych NP's because I was not sure about that. About the DNP-NP question - I still thinking about it but here is what I am thinking. First I agree that I want to do family psych-I definitely want to have that flexibility. I have also heard that the nurse practioner over time will turn into a doctorate degree. The program I am looking at is a family psych and it is online. You only have to go to Memphis about 1 week a semester and you can do clinicals wherever you live. The big thing though is in 3 years I can get the DNP from a BSN. It would take 2 years to get a masters and then 2 more if I decided I wanted the doctorate. I'm thinking at my age I might as well go ahead and get the doctorate. I'm hoping to work at a place that will at least help with tuition, though. I'm not really sure what a DNP can do that a NP can't or if there is much of a pay differential. I"m still trying to look into that and if you find out anything on it I would love to know. I also don't know about the job market and if there is any difference in APN's vs. DNPs. What part of the country are you in? I"m in Arkansas now but will probably move in a few years to Georgia or Tennessee. Sorry this is so long, but I appreciate the opportunity to bounce my thoughts off someone else. Let me know what you think.
  10. booklovinrn

    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    Sorry, I don't have any info on the program you are looking at, but I'm also interested in psych programs and I can't find a lot out there on them. Have you heard anything about the job market for pysch? I'm looking at University of TN at Memphis DNP for psych and I just can't decide if I want to do psych or family practice.
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    UAMS- summer 2010

    Mh2011 gave some really good advice. I am also finishing up my first year and I would add be very flexible. Your schedule will be crazy and could change. Also if you have children where you need day care make sure you have a very dependable situation with back ups. Missing class/clinicals especially the first summer is not an option. Good luck and try to enjoy!
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    Question about UALR

    During clinicals it just really depends on the type floor you are on and how the techs are there. On some floors the techs want you to do all their vitals and baths etc and on others they don't. The instructors want you to do at least a bath or two but other than that don't really notice if you are doing a lot as long as you are keeping busy looking for opportunities to do and observe skills.
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    CNA Programs in Central Arkansas

    I think Cabot Rehab and nursing home was offering classes. I know at least they used to. I'm not sure if they want you to commit to work there or not but It might be worth looking into. Also In Searcy White County hopsital still has really good CNA classes but I think it is 2 1/2 weeks long. Hope that helps.
  14. I am 48 and already have a degree. My husband has a good paying job and I filled out the FAFSA for the first time for school this summer. I was amazed to find out I got Stafford, sub and unsub and one other governement one (I can't remember the name). Anyway I was so surprised because I had assumed because I already had a degree and my husband had a good job that all I would get was private loans. So try FAFSA first because you might be surprised.
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    Question about UALR

    I went back and forth trying to decide between UALR and UAMS. I also already have a degree. I will start at UAMS this summer (actually in a couple of weeks.) UAMS does not have an accelerated program, but they do have an honors program. If you get in the honors program some of the courses you take will earn you graduate credit and when you graduate with your BSN you will have 10 hours toward your Masters. ( I'm not sure if the grad hours are transferable-they may only count at UAMS)
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    decent place to live in little rock

    About the chem, the one that UAMS requires is Intro to organic. Now you may have to take Chem 1 as a pre-req depending on the school, but Intro to Organic is nothing like Chem 1. The intro to organic is more naming and recognizing compounds -not near as much math and problems like Chem 1. So anyway, don't let your fear of Chem stop you.
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    UAMS Summer 2009 Acceptances!

    Did you all get an email today asking you to reconfirm your attendance to the program? It just seemed a little strange- after all I already sent them the $85.
  18. booklovinrn

    decent place to live in little rock

    I was hoping someone that knows more would answer, but I'll tell you what little I know. My family and I moved to Cabot about 3 years ago. It is about 30-45 minutes north of Little Rock. We like it a lot and have found it to be a good place for our family. I don't know much about intown Little Rock except I know you need to be careful about schools (if you have school age children) and I don't think the area around UALR is very good. That is just what I have noticed from driving around there. Hope this helps.
  19. booklovinrn

    Baptist or UALR Arkansas

    Congrats to you!!! Best of luck!
  20. booklovinrn

    Starting from scratch @ 45

    I'm 48 and I'll be starting at UAMS (in Little Rock) this May. I'll be getting a BSN. I've heard that the job market around Little Rock has slowed down but people are still getting jobs it just seems to be taking longer. I see you are in Western AR so I'm not sure what schools you are looking at. I have looked into mainly the ones in the Little Rock area (I'm in Cabot) but feel free to ask any questions if I can help. Good luck to you.
  21. booklovinrn

    Baptist or UALR Arkansas

    Sorry to hear about your news. Maybe this will make you feel better. I was accepted into the accelerated option at UALR but I've decided to go to UAMS instead. I'll be calling Monday and declining. Hopefully that will open up a spot for one of you. I do have all my pre-reqs done, I don't know if that made a difference or not. Good luck to you!
  22. booklovinrn

    any current UAMS students...

    I am not currently a UAMS student but after changing my mind several times I have decided to start there this May.I know about 5-10 peole who started there last year and so I'll answer with what I know. Most of my friends are happy with the program. I think it is very busy, somewhat disorganized (I seem to hear this about every program though), but basically a good prgram. The instructors seem to be pretty good. Most of my friends are making A's and B's without too much studying as long as they keep up. I have one friend in the honors program, she has managed to make A's in most everything so far. I think most of the lecture classes are large. In the summer I think there could be over 100 in a class but in the fall they divide everyone into 3 groups for specialities. The clinical groups are much smaller 10-12 people. Anyway, hopefully you will get some more responses from current students, but I hope that helps some.
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    Question about ITouch compability

    I'n new at this and considering buying an itouch and I am confused. I was looking for instance at Frye's 3300 nursing bullet application. It lists several windows compabilities, Blackberry compatibility and Palm compatibility. Does it have to specifically say itouch or iphone to compatible with it? Thanks for your help.
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    UAMS Summer 2009 Acceptances!

    It looks like they have posted the list for one of the summer courses under the bookstore link.
  25. booklovinrn

    UAMS Summer 2009 Acceptances!

    I guess they missed that book deadline. All this waiting is making me crazy.

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