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  1. I graduated from Chamberlain University, an online based program last 04/21/18 for my MSN-FNP. I studied with my full effort and focus and didn't work or did any family events from May 14 to May 24. I took my boards May 25th and passed with one take....
  2. konoha

    My NCLEX Journey

    Hello. I will send d docu as soon as I can sorry for the wait..
  3. konoha

    Advice for a new grad pls.

    Ei jhon ur msgs r full
  4. konoha

    Advice for a new grad pls.

    U can message me now. I also dk how to do that, but I'm ok with my job for now, its a good experience..
  5. konoha

    Am I still considered a new grad?

    Ooh ok great, so I will follow up that application, coz I'm really very interested to work @ the hospital. If in that case I was offered a full time position, do u think its ok with my 1st job to convert my full time employment to part time even I ju...
  6. That's also what I thought of when she asked me my rate, somewhat rude. Anyways, thanks for saying that this is not much to be bothered with. I was just worried, and that's a relief. Thanks.
  7. Hello. I'm a BSN fresh grad and got hired for my 1st job recently. There was this incident when an LVN asked me out of the blue what my rate is, to my surprise, I answered truthfully without thinking of its consequences. After she knew she told me th...
  8. Hello. I am a new grad, and got hired for my first job as an RN at a transitional care and rehab. But when I started looking for a job, I also applied at a hospital new grad program and until now I'm considered eligible and hopefully might be schedul...
  9. konoha

    Advice for a new grad pls.

    Hello... I am currently in a kind of mentally confusing situation for me, and a piece of advice would be of great help. I am a new grad and got accepted in a transitional care and rehab which I am very grateful. But, I can't let go in my mind the oth...
  10. konoha

    Horizon Specialty Hospital

    Hello.. Id just like to ask you guys on what should I be expecting for the1st interview in horizon.. Im a new grad. Thanks so much
  11. konoha

    Transitional Care and Rehab

    Hello, I'm a fresh grad nurse and I'm scheduled for an interview in one of the trans care and rehab centers in Las Vegas. I just want to ask some advice on my coming interview and some other questions. Any advice would be greatly apprecited. Thanks W...
  12. konoha

    Hired or not???

    lmclors!! :) hello.. Im in a job hunting position, just like where u were before.. congrats on your new job. Anyways, I'm also a foreign grad batch 2011, NV licensed.. Hope you can share with me some tips with regards on job applications. I have subm...
  13. konoha

    CA resident looking for a job in NM

    Of course Johnny Id be working in LV soon, hopefully I should say. Thats why they said if u took d nclex for that state u must be planning on working there.. Best of luck, hopefully we'll be hired soon..
  14. konoha


    wow congratulations wildleviosa24... I'm so happy to hear that after like a month of your job search (since the day you first posted this), it seems you have landed a job already.... I am really in so much relief just to hear that.. Do you mind shari...
  15. konoha

    New grad program at Sunrise Hospital

    Wow thanks for ur reply.. very great help.. its been 3 days already.. I hope I'm still being considered.. btw, mind to tell me what qs were asked about d communication skills, etc? hehe. Thanks