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Am I still considered a new grad?

Hello. I am a new grad, and got hired for my first job as an RN at a transitional care and rehab. But when I started looking for a job, I also applied at a hospital new grad program and until now I'm considered eligible and hopefully might be scheduled for an interview. My question is if I divulge to the HR analyst that I was just recently hired in this rehab, will this disqualify me from the new grad position at the hospital? I really wanna work there that's why. Thanks a lot.


Has 12 years experience. Specializes in RN-BC, ONC, CEN... I've been around.

A new grad is usually viewed to be someone with less than 1 year work experience regardless of job status. It shouldn't disqualify you, but at the same time I'm not sure that I'd mention that I'd just been hired someplace else unless asked directly (and they probably won't).

Ooh ok great, so I will follow up that application, coz I'm really very interested to work @ the hospital. If in that case I was offered a full time position, do u think its ok with my 1st job to convert my full time employment to part time even I just started? I hope ill be hired in the hospital, coz its more in line with my long term goals. Hehe. Thank u so much for ur time and advice.


Has 12 years experience. Specializes in RN-BC, ONC, CEN... I've been around.

It really depends on how much they want you at the job your are thinking about leaving and what they need. If they have spent the time training you they probably would not tell you that you could not to go part time (ie either you are full time or you don't have a job there) but I really don't know. As far as the new job is concerned I would keep it to yourself until after you're hired (don't tell anyone at the place you're working at until AFTER you get a offered a position that you are looking to work elsewhere).

Good luck!


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