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CalishortyRN has 5 years experience and specializes in ICU, CCRN.


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  1. 1st time Legal Nurse Consultant- Help!

    Hello all, I was offered a position as a LNC and looking for some help/opinions. I have been an ICU RN for over 6 years now and am currently enrolled in an online MSN-FNP program. So this position sounds like a great fit with the flexibility it offer...
  2. University of Cincinnati FNP spring 2019

    Facebook page is i didn’t get the books from either class. Tests come from lectures with advanced health assessment. Theory was a pain very abstract thinking tests mostly come from lecture...
  3. University of Cincinnati FNP spring 2019

    I like it. It’s a lot of work. I’m in second semester and some of the classes feel like busy work & a waste of time but I think that’s how it is with any degree. They provide you with resources like lectures, articles, YouTube’s, videos, books to...
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Jessica & I live in the Charlotte NC area. I attend the University of Cincinnati's FNP program. I am in search of preceptors for 2020. Pediatric & OBGYN preceptors have been very difficult to find. I am in need of a...
  5. Moving to Charlotte- any insight on pay, location, hospitals

    Thank you! I just accepted a position at Novant, super excited to start! How is the new hire orientation? mines in May downtown Charlotte.
  6. Moving to Charlotte- any insight on pay, location, hospitals

    Thank you for the insight! $5-6 a hour difference is huge. I’m in the process of purchasing a home that is just 10mins south of concord mills. Just on the border of Harrisburg. It looks like there are a lot of surrounding hospitals to choose from. ...
  7. Hey guys, I’m looking to move to Charlotte and currently work in Raleigh. I’ve heard the pay is less in Charlotte which would be a huge draw back for me. I have 5 years of ICU experience and have my BSN as well as my CCRN. Does anyone know of an...
  8. Pay for experienced RN in Charlotte

    Hello everyone! Going to be be moving to Charlotte between March and July of 2019. Trying to see what the average pay and shift differentials are for an RN at some of the main hospitals in the area like Carolinas hospital system, Novant, Lake Norman...
  9. With all the training involved do they hire into PT positions or prefer people to start off full time? I will probably be moving between March-July to Concord. Any suggestion around what point to start applying? I don't want to be too early to where...
  10. Hey everyone, Looking for some opinions and advice please! I've been an ICU nurse for just over five years and this past year have really been getting the itch to change specialties. My husband and I will be moving to Charlotte, NC in March and I fee...
  11. University of Cincinnati FNP spring 2019

    Emkaytae I sent a invite to the email you sent me.
  12. University of Cincinnati FNP spring 2019

    The FB group is called. " university of Cincinnati fnp spring 2019"
  13. University of Cincinnati FNP spring 2019

    If anyone wants to join a FB group for this please message me your emails and I'll add you.
  14. University of Cincinnati fnp spring 2019

    Congrats on the acceptance! Yea I thought about USA but got nervous about all the mixed reviews I read in here about them. I haven't found anything all that negative about University of Cincinnati so that's why I accepted there and they were the onl...
  15. University of Cincinnati FNP spring 2019

    Congrats! There's not a Facebook group that I'm aware of but I can create one. That's a great idea! I'm anxious to hear from them for the next details but I feel like we won't hear more until it's closer to the start of the program.