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Moving to Charlotte- any insight on pay, location, hospitals

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Hey guys, 

I’m looking to move to Charlotte  and currently work in Raleigh. I’ve heard the pay is less in Charlotte  which would be a huge draw back for me. 

I have 5 years of ICU experience and have my BSN as well as my CCRN

Does anyone know of any pay ranges that may put me in?  



I am not opposed to trying different specialties, I actually would like that. 

Also looking to probably move around mint hill or concord, any area I should avoid or hospitals to avoid? 

Thank you again! 


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Novant hospitals pay more than Atrium, by $5-6 more per hour. And their insurance is better. I've worked for both hospital systems. The Atrium system is huge, so once you get in there, you can go anywhere.

Mint hill is a nice area. Novant just built a brand new facility (community hospital) that opened in October, but there are several good hospitals in the Concord area too (including Atrium-Northeast, a level III trauma center). 

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Thank you for the insight! $5-6 a hour difference is huge. 

I’m in the process of purchasing a home that is just 10mins south of concord mills. Just on the border of Harrisburg. It looks like there are a lot of surrounding hospitals to choose from. 

Besides the difference in pay does either hospital have a bad reputation at all? Or just different pros and cons. 

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