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professorcait BSN, MSN, RN

Emergency Nursing
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professorcait has 7 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Nursing.

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  1. professorcait

    DNP vs EdD

    @efthimia519 I am pursuing my EdD with an emphasis in nursing education from Bryan College of Health sciences currently. When I started last year, they were in the NFLP Program. However, unfortunately, with budget cuts to the program, my school lost their funding 3rd quarter last year. They are actively pursuing to get back in the program for the upcoming school year, so hopefully It will all pass. When I was originally doing my search for a program, I looked at Columbia, my school, and the University of West Georgia because they all have EdDs with emphasis in nursing education and had the NFLP program. Hope this helps!
  2. professorcait

    Moving to Charlotte- any insight on pay, location, hospitals

    Novant hospitals pay more than Atrium, by $5-6 more per hour. And their insurance is better. I've worked for both hospital systems. The Atrium system is huge, so once you get in there, you can go anywhere. Mint hill is a nice area. Novant just built a brand new facility (community hospital) that opened in October, but there are several good hospitals in the Concord area too (including Atrium-Northeast, a level III trauma center).

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