Pay for experienced RN in Charlotte

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Hello everyone!

Going to be be moving to Charlotte between March and July of 2019. Trying to see what the average pay and shift differentials are for an RN at some of the main hospitals in the area like Carolinas hospital system, Novant, Lake Norman regional. Or any specialty type clinics.


My my background is five years of ICU, I have my BSN and my CCRN, my current hospital does not pay more for this but I know some do. Looking to change specialties though.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

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Novant is candid about their ranges, I believe right now it is 24-40 an hour depending on your experience. I have 3 years and I make $25.80 currently without differentials. Night shift is $4 extra. I work ANTS (weekender/baylor) and get paid for 40 and work 36. I cannot tell you the weekend diff.

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