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  1. tostu

    NCLEX Tomorrow!

    PVT - works. Quick results today = Pass!
  2. tostu

    Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

    Worked for me! Took it Tuesday, good pop up - got quick results today -pass!
  3. tostu

    NCLEX Tomorrow!

    Still says the good pop up over 24 hours out. I think we're good!
  4. tostu

    NCLEX Tomorrow!

    Thank you all! It was an odd test. It wasn't hard nor easy, more of a question of it being hard or easy, if that makes sense. For all of the questions, I was able to narrow it down to two, with about half leaving me feeling correct about my choice. I did not get any sound, only one picture question, one math calc, a lot of priority/delegation and infection control and only 4 SATA (yes, 4! I was sooo nervous about this!).
  5. tostu

    NCLEX Tomorrow!

    Stopped at 75. Good pop up!
  6. tostu

    NCLEX Tomorrow!

    I'll be testing tomorrow morning. A little nervous, but just trying to relax with a glass of wine. Planning on briefly (30 minutes) looking over my notes later tonight and then calling it a day. At this point, you either know it or you don't, right? Any last minute tips would be appreciated.
  7. For those who have taken the NCLEX, how many of your questions did you feel like you knew right off the bat or were able to easily deduce and answer? In contrast, how many did you feel as though you had no idea about the topic/question?
  8. tostu

    For those who need med help

    Thank you!
  9. tostu

    Not Feeling Prepared Ever...

    Thanks for everyone's input! I've been doing Saunder's, part book and also the entire 4 week online review course. I've also been doing the La Charity book, will be finishing it a few days before the exam. Along with that, I have been utilizing random facts found throughout this forum and study guides posted as well. I also will be finishing the "Exam Cram" before the test. I think everyone is right, you just have to go in and do it. I am leaving for Vegas about a week after my exam, so I keep looking forward to that. There's no way I would postpone until after Vegas, I might lose quite a few brain cells over there .
  10. tostu

    SATA Questions: How to answer?

    Does anyone know if the SATA questions are weighted on the NCLEX? For example, if there are 3 correct answers, and you get two correct, does it take it into account?
  11. tostu

    Not Feeling Prepared Ever...

    I am taking my boards in a little over a week. I have been studying for a little over a month, am doing well as far as testing and answering questions as well as using a few study sources. I am not having a lot of trouble understanding the information or retaining it, I just feel like I don't know if I am prepared or not! Anyone else having this problem, either for those who have or will be taking the exam? I know it's hard to really feel confident since the test has such a wide array of possibilities, I guess I am just not used to feeling this way.
  12. tostu

    Overwhelmed....will it always be like this?

    It is intense, but you will catch your stride.
  13. tostu

    How to survive 1st year of nursing school

    And don't forget to pee :).
  14. tostu

    How to survive 1st year of nursing school

    From experience....breathe.
  15. Finally made it....
  16. tostu

    I passed Med Surg -- 2 more semester to goo!!

    Congrats!!! One step closer...