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  1. silverangle


    Hello. I am trying to decide if I should move to Jacksonville, FL. I want to work in Cardiac ICU. Could someone please tell me what hospitals would best fit my needs? Also...how expensive is it to live there vs nurses pay?
  2. silverangle


    Hello. I am a cardiac nurse who is looking at several different areas to move to. Can anyone tell me what hospitals in Pitt would be great to work for as a CCU nurse? Can anyone tell me what the cost of living is vs nurses pay and is Pitt a great place to live? I do not want to make the same error as we did last year and move to an area and be very unhappy in it and struggling for a year. Thanks in advance.
  3. silverangle

    Moving to Columiba, SC

    Hello. Currently I am a cardiac ICU nurse who is looking to move to Columbia, South Carolina. Is there someone out there who can tell me what it is like to work for the Richland Heart Center or the CCU unit in Lexington Hospital? I love the CCU where I work now, but the cost of living is too high and I am tired of trying to make ends meet. Any help in this matter would be helpful...thanks in advance!!
  4. silverangle

    Moving on up to Jacksonville

    Hello. I'am currently an CCU nurse working in Raliegh N.C. I 'am thinking about moving to Jacksonville, F.L. I would really like to know which hospitals in this area are great to work for. I would also like to know what the average rate of pay is for nurses, standard of living, and the best area to live in. Any information would be helpful in helping us make up our minds.
  5. silverangle

    Moving to Raliegh, North Carolina

    Hi fgoff: Thanks for the information.
  6. silverangle

    Moving to Raliegh, North Carolina

    Hi Susan: Thank you for the information!! What unit do you work in? I spoke with HR yesterday and it sounds like a great hospital. Do you know anything about SICU?
  7. silverangle

    Moving to Raliegh, North Carolina

    Thank you so much for your reply.
  8. silverangle

    Moving to Raliegh, North Carolina

    Hello. I am a ICU nurse working in a level 3 trauma unit (med/surgical) in South Carolina. I will be moving to Raliegh in October and need advice about which hospitals are best to work for in the area. I already placed an application at Duke Health Raliegh for employment at their ICU and received a call back. I am also looking at Wake Med and Rex. Please let me know the pros and cons of working for any of these hospitals. Also I need to know how much to ask for in starting salary with only a year and several months ICU experience. Please help:( !!