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  1. bjorklover

    NYU hiring process

    Hello I recently applied for a position at NYU, they sent me an email recently saying to complete an online questionnaire or assessment tool. Is that a good sign? Do I have a good chance of hearing back?
  2. bjorklover

    ED RN Fellowship-Winthrop University Hospital

    Hey Actually I went there with the intention that I'm going for this specific program and told the receptionist that, but instead the interview didnt go that way at all. And now I think I'm going to end up in something different. I dont think the nurse recruiter was aware I was even coming in for the ED nurse fellowship program. It's all good though, because the interview went well, I just need an interview with the manager. So wait, you just applied online and got a response that quickly! Wow, I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I have to constantly bug people to get an interview. Well, good luck, sorry I have no answers.
  3. Hi All! Is there anyone here that has applied and gotten called for an interview for the ED program at Winthrop University Hospital? What type of questions were asked? Did you have to do at least 2 series of interviews? How was the orientation, did you feel it met your needs as a new grad? How is it working at the hospital? From what I can recall Winthrop rotates you throughout all of their dept's then you are placed in the ED. I was called for an interview. I'm nervous and excited all at once. Thanks in advance guys!
  4. bjorklover

    Any luck for new grads in home care agencies?

    Thank you so much for the reply SunSurfRN. Yeah I do hear new grads going into Home care. I'm going to keep trying the ones I listed in my first post of this thread, which is Americare CSS and Visiting Nurse Service of NY, also I heard good things about St. Marys Home care for Kids. So I will see.
  5. Hello all,I'm reaching my year post graduation and still no job. I want to know if any new grad has had luck in home care agencies for example Americare CSS, visiting nurse service of new York or any other agency? Thanks
  6. bjorklover

    new grad rn case manager for home care agency

    Hey skny I got your message but I don't have enough posts to respond via pm. But I see what your saying. It went exactly like that for me except the part where they are not hiring. Now Im nervous maybe they really aren't hiring. Did the person say which position you were best suited for. Did you see them put your file/resume in that box. Did they even discuss orientation? I hope you see this because I don't have enough posts to send emails or pms.
  7. bjorklover

    new grad rn case manager for home care agency

    What! What's up with that! What time did you go,I went and signed in at around 2 and from the looks of it, it looked like I was the last one because I left at 4 and the open house ends at 6. And which facility did you go to, the one in Brooklyn? The director loved me, and took my references and everything and told me which position I was going to be in and what not. I didn't get a good indication regarding orientation, I just remember that it's every 2 months and he put my app in the will file box. Who did you have for the interview? And how did it go? Please respond!
  8. bjorklover

    new grad rn case manager for home care agency

    Hi All I would just like to add that I went today and things went really well. I would love to know, how many interviews were needed if more than one was needed, and about how long they take to get in contact with you regarding orientation? I know this thread is kind of old I just hope someone reads it!