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  1. Hello all fellow LPN students. I have been feeling very discouraged latley. I was one of those people who wrote really good academic papers and achieved well on tests, but when it comes to applying my knowledge, i go blank. I also forget lots of stuff i have learned, especially in pathophysiology. I am in my final preceptorship and graduate in 22 days. The other day, my preceptor asked me what I knew about CHF, and i couldnt remember a think. I stupidly said "um its heart failure?" I felt like such an idiot. He seems so knowledgable, as well as all the other nurses around. I feel like im in the way and stupid and that I shouldn't be a nurse...... does any one else feel this way? I feel like im the only one and Im also under the impression that I should know EVERYTHING at this point, about everything. My critical thinking skills aren't quite in full gear yet either. I feel scared and as if I really let myself down... HEELLLLPPPP!!!!