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  1. germsjackson

    New CEN exam

    nice! wasnt that bad no?
  2. germsjackson

    Confused. Dont want to burn bridges.

    Thats a tough one! Weighing one real job versus one offered...... I love the ER and think its a great place to start, equipping you with a wide array of skills and patients, and stressful situations. My advice would be, start with what you got, stay a year, and then switch. Tell the OB people that you have a responsibility to fulfill at your current job and ask for them to keep you in mind. Thats just me though! Best of luck j
  3. germsjackson


    awesome, thank you
  4. germsjackson


    Hi all, I am about to start a new job in an non-teaching ED, where I will have to do all/most wound care and splinting etc. Are there any online tools I can use before I start my job? Thanks! j
  5. germsjackson

    Passed the CEN! Yay! Some thoughts

    I passed too! Took it today, July 25th, and got 108/150.... which is not really the best, but passing! I used only two tools, Mark Boswells youtube videos, which were great, and the ENA exam practice questions, many of which were very similar to the actual test. The hardest parts I thought were on electrolyte type things, what causes hypo/hyper everything, and s/s of basically all those conditions. Good Luck everyone! Thanks Mark Boswell, you are a great aide to CEN test takers world (USA) wide! Is the CEN only for US practice? J
  6. germsjackson

    Where to take TNCC or ENPC in Bar Area?

    I'm having a lot of trouble finding a place to take these courses..... why are they so hard to find? On the ENA schedule, they seem few and far between and quite far from SF. Any ideas? Thanks, Jes
  7. germsjackson

    Advice for the New Nursing Students: What to Expect

    My pro tip, something that i should have done. If you want to be a better nurse, AND if you want a job after nursing school, become a PCA and try to work on the floor that you want, and become indispensable. Seems to work like a charm!
  8. germsjackson

    If a phlebotomist corrected you on order of draw, what would you do?

    Talk to the manager. this needs to be an educational topic for all nurses on the floor.
  9. germsjackson

    Best online collaboration with other students

    dangerous reference there
  10. I graduated in May, but I just wanted to say that Dropbox really helped me and my classmates out when having to collaborate on projects, articles or powerpoints... Does anyone use anything else instead of this? ciao
  11. germsjackson

    Looking for an established nurse to review a new grad's resume!

    I would put where you did your rotations what skills you used on your previous jobs/ volunteer give it a slightly more personal touch
  12. germsjackson

    NSLIJ ED Fellowship 2012

    Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how it goes.
  13. germsjackson

    Rant about licenses

    Sooooo I took my NCLEX on may 2nd, PVT pop up, schools sent in transcripts may 17th. I called the CA BON and they said it will take at least two more weeks. I also have moved to NYC and will need to transfer my license, which they said would take at least 6 more weeks after that. Why the hell does it take so long? People need jobs, they dont need to wait around for what should be electronically verified in a second.
  14. germsjackson

    NSLIJ ED Fellowship 2012

    Glad it went well. I want an interview so bad. Don't know if I'll get one though.
  15. germsjackson

    NSLIJ ED Fellowship 2012

    Hmmm? You were a part of it?
  16. germsjackson

    NSLIJ ED Fellowship 2012

    Last what?So you heard back very quickly. Awesome. Hope you get it!