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  1. Got to use my neuro skills in real life!

    Yikes!!!!! Your heart was obviously in the right place! Don't take everyones input so personally though.... its important to try to learn from every experience, what was right, what was wrong, and all the countless possibilities, no matter how remote...
  2. New CEN exam

    nice! wasnt that bad no?
  3. New CEN exam

    yeah youll be just fine. I like Bosswell videos. There were some specifics that he touched on that would show up on the exam.
  4. Confused. Dont want to burn bridges.

    Thats a tough one! Weighing one real job versus one offered...... I love the ER and think its a great place to start, equipping you with a wide array of skills and patients, and stressful situations. My advice would be, start with what you got, stay...
  5. Splinting?

    awesome, thank you
  6. Splinting?

    Hi all, I am about to start a new job in an non-teaching ED, where I will have to do all/most wound care and splinting etc. Are there any online tools I can use before I start my job? Thanks! j
  7. Passed the CEN! Yay! Some thoughts

    I passed too! Took it today, July 25th, and got 108/150.... which is not really the best, but passing! I used only two tools, Mark Boswells youtube videos, which were great, and the ENA exam practice questions, many of which were very similar to the ...
  8. Some basics on Peds ED stuff

    its curious that you're curious about my curiousity.... we have a separate peds ed, but they are moving to a different site in the hospital, and as this transition happens, we need to be more prepared for displaced families and EMS........
  9. Some basics on Peds ED stuff

    Allo, So I'm working in an adult only ED, and feel like I'm missing out on some very important basic Peds for ER type stuff. Can anyone give me a bunch of hints/tips? Like what are some serious emergencies and how do you manage them? Meds and doses ...
  10. advice needed ED travel nursing in Bay Area

    Yes thanks, thats kinda what I thought.... any advice though? Good companies etc..
  11. advice needed ED travel nursing in Bay Area

    Hello all, It seems like an impossible task, to get any sort of work in the Bay Area, let alone a travel gig. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for an ED RN with 1 year of experience looking to work in and around the Bay Area.... which compan...
  12. Nurse Illness

    question, do ED nurses get sick more often than other nurses? I feel like its every other shift that I hear a nurse say, oh damn, that person is on droplet/contact precaution now? I was up in their space for hours! Thoughts? I use gloves for all cont...
  13. What's your patient load?

    Dang. sounds nice
  14. What's your patient load?

    I'm still orienting but I take on about 5-6 patients. Normally we will have 6-7 sometimes 8. I work in NYC. What are the ratios in other states or hospitals? 7 patients is crazy! Granted, not all are super sick, but still, time management is one of...
  15. Advice for the New Nursing Students: What to Expect

    My pro tip, something that i should have done. If you want to be a better nurse, AND if you want a job after nursing school, become a PCA and try to work on the floor that you want, and become indispensable. Seems to work like a charm!