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ADON at LTC, Previous PCU, Ortho etc...
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stervets has 9 years experience and specializes in ADON at LTC, Previous PCU, Ortho etc....

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  1. stervets

    HELP with APA!!!

    Hi everybody, I am working on this powerpoint about sigma theta tau and eventhough I am generally familiar with APA I can`t figure out how to reference this organization(their website). Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!
  2. stervets

    Help with salaries

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to do some research on salaries in different states. I live in Pensacola FL now. I have heard from many nurses that almost everywhere else nursing pays more. I'm considering moving close to Jacksonville or Tampa FL and I need your help. Does anyone know what an average RN with 5 years of experience makes there? I'd appreciate any info)LTC,Hospitals Home health, Hospices etc.) I tried searching different websites, but It seems that they have incorrect info. Also if you have worked anywhere in FL I'd love to know how much is the average pay there. I'm tired of working 2 jobs and hardly making 45000. I have a few friends that have worked in Tampa, and Orlando. They made close to 100000 working 1 overtime shift a week. It is very frustrating to think that in most other places nurses with the same amount of experience and education make almost double the money, while I'm struggling to pay my bills! i want the hell AWAY FROM THIS AREA!!! Thank you Victor