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Hi everybody! I need your advise. I'm 29 male, married. have been RN for 4 years now. I worked in ortho surgical unit for a year, then on medsurg for another year. Burned out and decided to try long term. I worked basically alone on a 30 bed unit with 4 CNA that always minded their business and knew what to do. I liked it but the second year the company decided to sell the facility, and cut every possible expense including nursing salary, overtime and bonuses. I went back to hospitals and worked PRN for 6 months. That hospital was a disorganized mess. I couldn't handle 2 jobs. A couple months later finally decided to go full time to another smaller hospital that paid better. Now I'm working full time in this hospital and prn in my nursing home and I feel like I once again made the wrong decision. My thing is that I although not antisocial I hate working with many people. I am motivated and hard working, quite reliable and love working with all types of patients, and patients love me(especially older ladies:D) I am now considering home health because it is independent job and I wouldn't have to deal face to face with supervisors, doctors, charge etc. If anybody has experience in home health I d appreciate some info.

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If you don't like people, you won't like home health because you WILL be dealing with people. Social workers, case workers, doctors, family members. It can be intense. You might think about trying a job like being a nurse in a short stay area where you only have your patients for a short period of time. But I URGE you to work on your interpersonal skills... really. It will help you in the long run. My husband is also not a person who enjoys working with management so he works nights. He works in a 30 bed neuro ICU in a very huge county hospital but he still has to communicate with other departments, family members and lots of physicians. It is the nature of being a nurse. You gotta learn how to do it.

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Maybe look into forensic nursing or research. sounds like pt care isn't your thing

Sounds like you do not enjoy coworkers, but DO like your patients? Am I correct? Have you thought about dialysis? You have a lot of autonomy, and they say you either love it or hate it. But might be worth asking to shadow.

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