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NurseVoldemort has 14 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ED.

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  1. NurseVoldemort

    Propofol administration by ER RN

    I've worked in Washington, NY and Oregon. Never in Cali, but we have never had a regular hospital bed to even think about using locking/hard restraints on. We only have every used them on the stretchers. The biggest thing is to ensure you have proper charting and orders for said restraints. I've been legally allowed to give propofol IV push for sedation in every state I work with in the prescence of the MD for moderate sedation procedures. The hospital I currently work in only allows ED RN's to perform this and when our house float comes to help (from the ICU) they can't do it since it is against hospital policy; only ED nurses can do it and only when the MD is present. For sedation for intubated patients though we also can do boluses in prescence of MD and then titrate drips without MD being in the room once the pt is tubed.
  2. NurseVoldemort

    New ER Nurse , Feel SO stupid

    Are you working in Albany area? I worked there for a few years and 8-10 patients at a time was the norm... BUT the average LOS was also like 6 hours so people just waited and waited. The place I worked was full of travelers (what a surprise! they had high turn over...) My advice, is to know that that ratio is not normal, and not safe. Get a little experiance and get out. Focus on your sickest patients first and know that tasks can wait for non-emergent patients. You aren't expected to know every detail of every disease; just the emergent ones! Your specialty is EMERGENCY medicine. I felt like when I was there I was mostly doing tasks and not doing justice to my patients.. So I left as soon as I could! Good luck!
  3. NurseVoldemort

    Am I on the right track?

    When I was in nursing school the Emergency Dept terrified me and I knew I never wanted to work there. I have now been an ED RN for the last 8 years, most of it even being charge nurse. I think my expectations of what went on in the ED was exaggurated, and I can only assume that is what is going on with you as well. If you think you want to pursue nursing in a pediatric ED you can see what it's like by volunteering there. Many ED's use volunteers to clean rooms, bring patients water or various other tasks that do not involve patient care. But it would give you an idea of what it would be like to work there. If you want to get a foot in the door, doing an MA program or EMT program would help you get a job in an ED as a tech, which may or may not give you an advantage to getting a job as an RN. Some hospitals flat out don't hire new grads into the ED and some do with a lengthy residency program. Good luck!
  4. NurseVoldemort

    Washington vs Oregon

    Are you saying that if you live in WA and work in OR you don't get the state income tax for OR? I don't quite understand cause you also said you have an OR license?
  5. NurseVoldemort

    Moving to OR, what ER to work at?

    Looks like I'll be moving end of August so I'll be starting in September wherever I go. I haven't applied anywhere yet cause I still haven't decided for sure where I want to work. Thanks for everyone's advice/input.
  6. NurseVoldemort

    Moving to OR, what ER to work at?

    Does anyone by chance know if parking is easier with a motorcycle? The hospital I work at here in NY has a desinated area for motorcycilists which always has spots available.
  7. NurseVoldemort

    Moving to OR, what ER to work at?

    Thank you everyone for the tips/advice. I likely will be working nights so this will help with commute and parking it sounds like. I've also considered trying to get a teaching job so I've been looking at colleges to teach at... I would still want to work in an ER at least part time to keep up my skills though. Thanks again! I'll be moving in September so hopefully all will work out!
  8. NurseVoldemort

    Relocation/Jobs in Portland area

    orionsbelt123 Something else to consider is that Washington State does not have a State income tax so if you live and work in Vancouver WA but do your shopping in Oregon (where there's no sales tax) you'll end up saving a good chunk of money and that would make up for your pay scale difference. Something else to consider.
  9. NurseVoldemort

    Moving to OR, what ER to work at?

    I hadn't even heard of OHSU until this post. It looks like a nice hospital and sounds like it has a good reputation in the community based on some outside research I've done... I can't find if they give employee discounts for master level nursing program if I took their program, but I would think they would... Plus it looks like we are going to be living in Hillsboro area, and OSHU will be less traffic to fight with than going through Portland every day for work. Thanks for the advice!
  10. NurseVoldemort

    Hospital Wages in Capital Region

    jan286 I have worked in Capital Area for 3 years now, and Albany Med by far pays the worst... Most the hospitals in the area pay shift dif as a percentage of your wage instead of a flat rate. I know St. Peter's Health Partner Hospitals (St. Peter's, Samaritan, Memorial, and St. Mary's) and Ellis Medicine pay around 10-15% for evening and 20-25% for night shift dif. Albany Med probably pays around the same percentage but since wages are low the shift dif will be effected as well. If you have at least a year of experience I would advise going through agency to work at Albany Med. You can work there for years as an agency nurse on contract and make 2-3 times the amount you would make as staff. If you are interested I know a couple of reliable agencies that are local that I could refer you to. Plus, if you don't like Albany Med you aren't burning your bridges by leaving so quickly. Good luck on job hunt!
  11. NurseVoldemort

    Moving to OR, what ER to work at?

    I have 6 years of experiance. I have my BSN, CEN, ACLS, PALS, and BLS. I have worked at level 2 trauma for a short period of time; worked in Washington state and New York. Looking into Portland area hospitals. Plan on living in Hillsboro area or ourskirts of Portland. I know this will create a hassle with commuting in the morning to work with traffic but it can't be as bad as New York so I'm ok with that! What I'm really looking to know, is: 1. what hospitals have best reputations as far as ER nursing goes? 2. are any hospitals not for profit? 3. are any hospitals union? 4. any hosptials chronically short-staffed? 5. are wages comperable from hospital to hospital as far as wages go? 6. any education reimbursement? (Looking into doing Nurse Practitioner) and any other comments are appreciated! Thanks in advance! Looking to move this summer (2014).
  12. NurseVoldemort

    ED RN possibly relocating to Hudson Valley area

    I'm sorry to hear of the experiences you are having. Having worked on both coasts as well, I can say that the west coast is much nicer and people seem to have a bit more compassion. I think here they are just grossly overworked and underpaid. Just keep this in mind and don't let it infect you as well! My husband is fortunately able to transfer back to the west coast. We are actually looking into Portland, OR! I am interested in Emanuel hospital and Providence as potential candidates for ER nursing. I used to live in Yakima, WA where there is not big trauma hospitals, we were only level 2 trauma there. Anyhow, good luck and hopefully you will learn to love it or get the opportunity to move back in a few years as we have been lucky enough to do!
  13. NurseVoldemort

    Charting Bloopers

    While doing home med rec my finger it the p and the o when typing prn. So it said porn. Fortunately I caught it before it saved!
  14. NurseVoldemort

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I've seen La-a (pronounced la dasha) twice! And I once cared for a patient named Ana Mae who was Japanese and has just moved here from Japan... in case u don't "get it" say her name out loud...
  15. NurseVoldemort

    Travel Nurses - Share your stories

    I've been a traveler on contract as well as per diem. Travel wages are much better then staff wages depending on where u are. For example upstate NY nurses only make around $25 with several years experience but as agency/traveler you can make that plus free housing plus a daily food allowance so if u live close to where u do ur agency work you'll basically get the same wages byt free rent and free food... that adds up! Plus if you are more than 50 miles from your home you get tax free benefits. The other option is to just make a flat agency rate which does not come with tax benefits but has a higher overtime rate. I work overtime so I like the base rate, also because I live about 10 miles from the hospital so I don't get tax benefits either way. My agency wages is close to double staff wages. Plus working per diem as agency there is no gaurenteed hours but also no minimum requirements for hours, weekend, or holiday. So you only work when you want to and they have openings which usually isn't an issue to find openings at hospitals that are using agencies. In regards to computer systems, I've worked at 4 hospitals and none had the same system. You just learn It and ask questions until u get it.
  16. NurseVoldemort

    Albany Medical Center

    Get a year pf experience then go agency. Favorite healthcare has a lot of local contracts and wages bump up to around $35 for med/surg.