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NurseVoldemort has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ED.

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  1. NurseVoldemort

    Does the level of trauma center matter?

    Working at a level 2 vs level 4 won't matter much. Experience in an ED is good regardless. So many trauma centers do things differently, so if you ever decide to transfer to a higher level trauma center they will likely not train you to be on the trauma team right away until you get to know the department first and then they will train you to their process. So experience at a 2 vs a 4 won't make you any more or less marketable. However, keep in mind that when applying for a job, if it is with the same company the HR department will be seeing your applications first and if you submit multiple applications it just kind of looks bad.. My advise would be to maybe talk to an HR rep at the company first. Do both ER's hire new grads? Many ER's don't, so maybe you'd be more likely to get in with one than the other. I think calling and talking to a nurse recruiter (HR person) will help guide you to which job you are more likely to be able to get without making yourself look desperate by applying to every ED job they have posted. Good luck!
  2. NurseVoldemort

    Propofol administration by ER RN

    I've worked in Washington, NY and Oregon. Never in Cali, but we have never had a regular hospital bed to even think about using locking/hard restraints on. We only have every used them on the stretchers. The biggest thing is to ensure you have proper charting and orders for said restraints. I've been legally allowed to give propofol IV push for sedation in every state I work with in the prescence of the MD for moderate sedation procedures. The hospital I currently work in only allows ED RN's to perform this and when our house float comes to help (from the ICU) they can't do it since it is against hospital policy; only ED nurses can do it and only when the MD is present. For sedation for intubated patients though we also can do boluses in prescence of MD and then titrate drips without MD being in the room once the pt is tubed.
  3. NurseVoldemort

    New ER Nurse , Feel SO stupid

    Are you working in Albany area? I worked there for a few years and 8-10 patients at a time was the norm... BUT the average LOS was also like 6 hours so people just waited and waited. The place I worked was full of travelers (what a surprise! they had high turn over...) My advice, is to know that that ratio is not normal, and not safe. Get a little experiance and get out. Focus on your sickest patients first and know that tasks can wait for non-emergent patients. You aren't expected to know every detail of every disease; just the emergent ones! Your specialty is EMERGENCY medicine. I felt like when I was there I was mostly doing tasks and not doing justice to my patients.. So I left as soon as I could! Good luck!
  4. NurseVoldemort

    Am I on the right track?

    When I was in nursing school the Emergency Dept terrified me and I knew I never wanted to work there. I have now been an ED RN for the last 8 years, most of it even being charge nurse. I think my expectations of what went on in the ED was exaggurated, and I can only assume that is what is going on with you as well. If you think you want to pursue nursing in a pediatric ED you can see what it's like by volunteering there. Many ED's use volunteers to clean rooms, bring patients water or various other tasks that do not involve patient care. But it would give you an idea of what it would be like to work there. If you want to get a foot in the door, doing an MA program or EMT program would help you get a job in an ED as a tech, which may or may not give you an advantage to getting a job as an RN. Some hospitals flat out don't hire new grads into the ED and some do with a lengthy residency program. Good luck!
  5. NurseVoldemort

    Moving to OR, what ER to work at?

    Does anyone by chance know if parking is easier with a motorcycle? The hospital I work at here in NY has a desinated area for motorcycilists which always has spots available.
  6. NurseVoldemort

    Moving to OR, what ER to work at?

    Thank you everyone for the tips/advice. I likely will be working nights so this will help with commute and parking it sounds like. I've also considered trying to get a teaching job so I've been looking at colleges to teach at... I would still want to work in an ER at least part time to keep up my skills though. Thanks again! I'll be moving in September so hopefully all will work out!
  7. NurseVoldemort

    ED RN possibly relocating to Hudson Valley area

    I'm sorry to hear of the experiences you are having. Having worked on both coasts as well, I can say that the west coast is much nicer and people seem to have a bit more compassion. I think here they are just grossly overworked and underpaid. Just keep this in mind and don't let it infect you as well! My husband is fortunately able to transfer back to the west coast. We are actually looking into Portland, OR! I am interested in Emanuel hospital and Providence as potential candidates for ER nursing. I used to live in Yakima, WA where there is not big trauma hospitals, we were only level 2 trauma there. Anyhow, good luck and hopefully you will learn to love it or get the opportunity to move back in a few years as we have been lucky enough to do!
  8. NurseVoldemort

    Am I an idiot for choosing the BSN route rather than the ADN...?

    Sounds like you have some jelous people in your life...
  9. NurseVoldemort

    Problems with agency/staff paycheck?

    What company are you having these problems with?
  10. the 250 bed facility I work at has the cafeteria open from 12:30am to 3am Sun-Thurs nights. Closed fri/sat. But we also have a vending machine with sandwiches, burritos, ect. Plus all the nursing units have coffee available for family and visitors.
  11. NurseVoldemort

    Help - needlestick advice needed

    I've had a needle stick too. In Washington state the patient can decline to be tested. At that point, it is your decision on what to do. Does the pt have a hx of IV drug abuse?Hepatits?HIV? If so, obviously you would just go on anti-retrovirals. If not, you still have the right to protect yourself if you want to go on anti-retrovirals. It's usually not suggested though unless the pt is moderate to high risk, because of the nasty side effects... but of course it's your life and your choice. You do want to be sure no matter what that you get rechecked. My facility policy was to recheck me at 4 months, 6 months, and 1 yr. Fortuanatly my pt was very low risk already, and she agreed to the blood test, so I chose not to do anti-retrovirals, but again.. I could have if I wanted to.
  12. NurseVoldemort

    ED nurses what are your protocols/orders for IV?

    Do you not get the order after the fact? I'm pretty sure your legally need it... Our ER docs don't get mad if we do it when they didn't plan on it, but they'll let you know why they wouldn't have and they order it if it's already done to cover us.
  13. NurseVoldemort

    MRSA in the ED

    Ok... maybe it's just me? But what is the point of going into contact precautions right before you take your pt upstairs after having them in the ED for 3-4 hrs and THEN finding out they have a Hx of MRSA? If I'm gonna get it on me... IT'S ALREADY THERE!!! ICU nurses complain that we aren't gowning and gloving when we bring up these pt's. Do they not relize that the pt's don't tell us Hx of MRSA 99% of the time when we get a Hx? And it's not tattooed on their forehead!? I mean really... Is the last 15 minutes I spend with a pt going to make a difference after I already put in an IV, an R/C, and assessed them countless times?
  14. NurseVoldemort

    The dreaded pregnancy test

    Actually - the $1 ones I bought for myself, are 10 mIU, the First Response are 25mIU... so IT's MORE sensitive AND cheaper! People just think like you do... so they THINK that it's more accurate because no one wants to take the time to research or read a #$&%ing label! All you're paying for on the expensive ones are the nice plastic covering as compared to a flimsy peice of cardboard (Alot like the urine dip sticks in the ED)
  15. NurseVoldemort

    The dreaded pregnancy test

    Well believe it or not... Patients lie... A LOT! So, we can't just take someones word for it... and BTW - I know THREE women PERSONALLY that got prego with TWINS with an IUD in place.... IT wouldn't mean a lot to me either... I'd still do it! I'm not concerned about your cost, I'm concerned about my license... Sorry but that's just how it is.
  16. NurseVoldemort

    Rules for the ER (long)

    Oh man I love it! These are so FUNNY and even more TRUE!! I've only been nursing for 3 years, but in the ED, you really see how... Uneducated... the average person really is! WOW - people are just dumb sometimes! Here's some of my most recent: 1."My back hurts" when did this start? "2 years ago" ***!? REALLY!? AND YOU FELT IT NECESSARY TO COME IN BY AMB!!?? "It's more comfortable than my mom's car." HONESTLY THAT IS WHAT SHE SAID! 2. Is the saline supposed to be cold? "Yes" OK I was just checking cause it's been cold every time I get it. - Prompted me to look at her records... she's been here like weekly for the last 6 weeks! OMG! HOW THE HECK do you not now know saline is cold!? You get it every time! CAN YOU SAY CASE MANAGED!? Yup! She is now!

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