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  1. NurseVoldemort

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I've seen La-a (pronounced la dasha) twice! And I once cared for a patient named Ana Mae who was Japanese and has just moved here from Japan... in case u don't "get it" say her name out loud...
  2. NurseVoldemort

    What pay are nurses making these days?

    Yup - not really worth it if you aren't going for a master's!
  3. NurseVoldemort

    New Grad Float Pool

    My first (and still only job) has been as a float pool nurse at a 260+ bed facility and I LOVE IT!! I get SO board with repetition and this has really been the only thing that keeps me interested and on my toes! You definatly do need to feel confident about yourself, but I also got 3-7 days on each unit I would float to as orientation. Since I started I have been expected to float to all the units you listed plus psych, urology, pediatrics, and mother/baby. But I really love the variety I get from it, learning ALL specialties! Plus I get to know ALL the staff from ALL over the hospital, It's great! (especially when I have an inpt family memeber cause no matter what floor they are on, I know the nurse caring for them!) I was once told that if you aren't nervous that you don't care enough! So have fun, learn a lot, and just don't forget to ask for help when you need it because everyone does at sometime!
  4. NurseVoldemort

    Signed on with Travel Agency in Wash but now having second thoughts

    There are hundreds of travel companies. Try some of these, they have good reputations at the hospital I work at; Medical Staffing (MSN - Intellistaff) TravelNursing.com Favorite staffing Sign up with all of them! You have no obligation to work for only one!
  5. NurseVoldemort

    Need advice

    Maybe look into forensic nursing or research. sounds like pt care isn't your thing
  6. Graduated at 22yrs old (barely Ü)
  7. NurseVoldemort

    What pay are nurses making these days?

    WA state ADN $24.00 base $2.50/hr float pool extra $3.00/hr eve diff $4.50/hr noc diff $3.00/hr weekend Time and 1/2 on holidays $1/hr more for each credential (i.e BSN, CCRN)
  8. NurseVoldemort

    How many points did you have when applying for Nursing?

    One of the collages in my city had a similar point system, and how they accepted people wasn't on a "minimum point" system, but say they had 25 open seats, they would take the 25 students with the highest points. If there was a tie it would go to non-pointed things like work experiance, inteview ect.
  9. NurseVoldemort

    help !

    At the hospital I work at in Washington, an LPN works as a CNA but with a little higher pay of course. Have you looked into scholarships, financial aid, grants, and student loans so you can work PT and get your RN? Where there's a will, there's a way!
  10. NurseVoldemort

    career boost: would a bachelors in human resources help?

    A hospital needs a certain percentage of BSN nurses to get "magnet status" so a BSN is ALWAYS going to help. I don't think a bachelors in HR will though, sorry.
  11. NurseVoldemort

    Two positions offered-unsure which one to take

    I don't know a single oncology nurse that doesn't have a big heart. If that is what you want, to get chemo certified, then I say go for that one! Just cause you didn't get a "vibe" doesn't mean it would be a bad place to work... you don't know yet. If the manager is a strong leader that i would be willing to bed that she doesn't approve of rudeness or lack of teamwork. Strong leaders encourage teamwork and a comfortable work enviornment. I think you should go for the better opportunity, again if that is the specialty you want to get into! Oncology nurses are unique! They have to care in a way I don't think other nurses understand because their pts are more long term, come frequently and often will end their lives with their nurses. I am not an oncology nurse because I could not handle the emotion. But if you can, KUDOS! We need good ones!
  12. NurseVoldemort

    Would I make a good nurse?

    You don't have to work in a hospital. You could do in home care or work at a long term facility FOR disabled children.
  13. NurseVoldemort

    Health Unit Coordinator/Unit Secretary question

    Personally I don't think it would be any of their business, of course it would probably eventually come out, but I don't think its something they would fire your over. If your boss asks, just say you need a second job for the income and leave it at that. As far as your resume, you aren't required to list it if you don't want to.
  14. NurseVoldemort

    Open positions for new grads in the country?

    Try Seattle, I know there are some good residency programs at Harborview Children's Hospital and Swedish Hospital All of these are great hospitals to work for and I think that at least 2 have magnet status!
  15. NurseVoldemort

    To CNA or not to CNA?

    I really think that a new nurse with experiance as a CNA has a big advantage over someone with no medical work history. CNA's should have great bedside manner, understand basic nursing care, understand pratien rights and privacy laws and know when something "isn't right" All these are things that a nurse needs too! I think it is definatly worth it! I did it for a year while finishing pre-reqs, I started my 1st job with a nurse that did not work as a CNA, and she was doing total care (meaning she had no cna to help her) and she was asking people how to do a bed bath!!! OMG!!! Don't be her please!