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  1. thanks for the advice you guys I decided to focus on the subject at a time so I can better prepared myself for the nursing program and just overall better understand the material!
  2. foxycats

    Asn or Bsn

    I would go for the BSN route get it over with
  3. All I have left is science classes now at my community college and statistics and I am wondering if I should spread it out till the summer or next fall. Or just take on the science courses together Last semester was the first time I took A&P and got a C which I am retaking over the summer. I realize that the labs are just hard and serious as the lecture for a one credit class. I am taking the same teachers this semester for my A&P now that I know what to do to achieve their class. But now I am nervous to take Microbiology online and the lab in school plus I am taking my statistics class so I am just wondering if anyone advise this or have done this before and does it look good to stretch the classes out to focus more. Anyways what do you guys think?
  4. foxycats

    Thinking of just giving up in need of advice

    thanks forr the responses it did help me its my first science courses and will talk to my advisor tommorow about retaking the courses agaiin hopefully that will help my gpa
  5. I am so mad at myself and pretty depressed at life right now because I failed my anatomy classes I mean for lab I passed the midterm with an B we only have midterm and final which are both 40 precent of our grade. For the final i study hard and for some reason i failed the test i just feel like i should just give up on nursing. My gpa right now is 2.5 I havent got my grades in yet but I know i am going to get a C it just seem to have no hope for me. The reason why my gpa is so low because I transfer from business school and I flunk my college algebra class with a F last semester so i am taking it again and I know I am getting an A in that class so thats why its affected by that. But this lab is going to remain my gpa low now and I dont know what to do the anatomy class has been the first real science class since changing my major from business to nursing. I took Nutrition last semester and had an B and I just cant believe I just didnt passed and my classmates were all suprised at me because I would study with them have group sesssions and i would answers all their test questions right i just dont understand. Any hope for me to enter any nursing program here? All I have left for my pre reqs are my nursing science electives and statistics and those are not easy classes and I am already struggling on the anatomy class its really making me nervous?? Any advice???
  6. Well the most I can get is very high C average in the class according to what my teacher say?
  7. I had personal issues that needs to be work out right now. I spoke to my proffessuer and he told me that since I have a D average in the class if I do well on the final I can get a really high C. I am so lost because I do not know if i want to withdraw altogether and start over focus more on the class or just take the C and just have all A's for my next science pre reqs courses. I feel really stupid and it makes me more motivated to do well this is my first science class I took since I switch my major from business. So now I feel like I understand this style now and for the lab I am getting an A in the class for the A &P lab so its just the lecture I am struggling which the most I can get is a C. Any advice would be appreciated. Should I withdraw or continue to study and hope for the best?
  8. foxycats

    finally accepted!!... after 1.5 years on waitlist

    congrats thanks for the encouragement
  9. foxycats

    South University- Nursing

    what is the difference besides price??
  10. foxycats

    South University- Nursing

    So how did everything go any updates??
  11. foxycats

    I failed college algebra! so down need advice:(

    thanks you guys i am starting to feel a little bit better.
  12. So I failed my college algebra course and it is to late to withdraw next week is the final and there is no way i can bring my grade up at this point of time. My teacher is pretty tough on his test and I have not passed his last test which keeps me optismistic about this final. I am very dissapointed and down with myself i wish i can turn back time to change things. I know eveerything now is all excuses but what distracted me the most with this class was life itself. I had to go to court multiple times without a lawyer, my father been sick in the hospital and on top of all this i find out I am losing my job so i been really stressful this semester. Now that things are starting to get better i am stuck with this new problem. I wanted to take my pre reqs at the local community college and just transfer to the university to complete my BSN. Now I have two options, Option A - To get my RN license and this path does not require the math but the F still stays in my transcript. I am taking nutrition and english which i have no problem passing with A or B. All I have is three sciences left which would be Anatomy I &II and Chemistry is all i have left. Option B- To retake the math class and have 7 classes to go before I can apply to get the BSN program Overall I learn my lesson through this whole experience i wish i took of this before it became a problem in the end when everything is starting to turn around. I really want to be a nurse and would prefer to get my BSN straight thorugh but being that I am 24 I want to get my career going. So far I thinking of getting my CNA license that I am almost finishing up and really want to get the experience i need. I feel so stupid for failing this course. Anyone word of advice.
  13. foxycats

    South University- Nursing

    Nursing BSN
  14. foxycats

    NSU EntryBSN Spring 2011

    Just wondering how are you guys paying for this school? What are some options?
  15. foxycats

    South University- Nursing

    I just applied to their Janurary program and the thing is that the price of their tuition after all my grants got in and everything in Financial Aid barely covered my expenses and I still have to come up with a private loan alternative to pay of the remaining balance. I spoke to the Financial Aid officers and she told me that almost every student that are in the nursing program have some balance to pay every month. It kind of got me nervous and being that I already have loans up to my neck right now I decided to take some of my pre reqs at PBSC and maybe go to FAU. It seems like a good school but the price is over the top.
  16. foxycats

    South University- Nursing

    Yes there is one in Savannah, GA but I am looking at the West Palm BEach, FL location.