Microbiology and anatomy 2 is it smart to take at the same time in one semester


All I have left is science classes now at my community college and statistics and I am wondering if I should spread it out till the summer or next fall. Or just take on the science courses together Last semester was the first time I took A&P and got a C which I am retaking over the summer. I realize that the labs are just hard and serious as the lecture for a one credit class. I am taking the same teachers this semester for my A&P now that I know what to do to achieve their class. But now I am nervous to take Microbiology online and the lab in school plus I am taking my statistics class so I am just wondering if anyone advise this or have done this before and does it look good to stretch the classes out to focus more. Anyways what do you guys think?

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A&P II and Microbiology are both more difficult classes. They are usually the ones the Nursing programs want to see an A or B in. I would suggest not taking them together. A&P II is different from A&P I in that it is usually more Physiology (That is the way it was at my school). Since you mentioned you struggled a bit with A&P I, I would take just one course at a time. Both of the courses require lots of time studying. I would say that keeping your GPA up is more important that trying to rush and finish by a specific timeline. Take 1 science class study continuously and that would increase your chances of making an A or B, instead of taking multiple science and making B's or C's. Good Luck!


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In my opinion, it is far more important to LEARN the material than get through quickly. This is because these classes are the foundation. Spread it out. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I see it as right. :) Best of luck to you.


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I started Microbiology in November online and starting A&P II this coming week. The Micro goes till March 3 and the AP goes till around May so its not TOO bad but definetly micro is ALOT of studying. I got a high A in AP I online so it gave me confidence that I could do both Micro and AP together. If you struggled with AP alone and are not on a strict timeline, I WOULD NOT take them together.


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I had this exact same question! Thanks so much for the replies, I have to re-take my A&P I because I took it more than five years ago and got a C in it. All I have left to take is my 4 sciences and I am going to be taking those 1 at a time!


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I would not take them together because of personal experience. I made an 'A' in A&P I, and the next semester I took A&P II, Microbiology, and English 1B at the same time. I ended up getting a C, B, and A respectively. The A&P was so low because I actually missed an entire test, but I still would have had a B, even though I know I could have an A if I had more time to devote to Micro.

If you are really motivated and a great time manager, go for it. Just realize that a bad grade could set you back, like it did for me. Good luck!


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I would definitely recommend spreading out your classes. I agree that it is very crucial to learn the material. Plus, these days you pretty much have to have A's and B's in your Science courses to get into school. You guys are lucky who get to take courses online. The schools in California don't allow any online Science pre-reqs. Just make sure you are studying and focused and you'll get through! Good luck everyone!

If you got a C in A&P I. I wouldn't recommend taking A&P II with another science class. It may be better to try to spread them out more and give yourself more time to learn the material.

I just finished a semester working full time (from home with my 2 small kids!) and took A&P I, Chem and micro. What I can tell you: it's possible, but it is hard.as.hell. Granted, chem gave me the most problems, so taking A&P II and micro at the same time probably wouldn't be as bad. But be prepared to work and study your rear off. You can definitely do it - just know it's going to be hard.


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I do not recommend you to take them together. I took A&P I, II and Microbiology all three in different semesters and got an A in all of them. I could've taken A&PII and Micro the same semester , but I decided to not do so cause I didn't want to finish up getting a low grades and affecting my GPA. It took me a year and a half to finish my pre-reqs for the ADN program I applied to. Take your time and focus on getting good grades! That's better than going to fast and finish up getting C's and B's because it'll be harder for you then to get into a program.


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Unless you're a REALLY good student with AWESOME study habits and have NO other responsibilities, then don't do it.

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Just my opinion, but I wouldn't unless you don't work, have kids, or any other commitments. You will be doing a TON of studying!