Anatomy and Physiology 1, C average??? Should I Withdrawl or continue??


I had personal issues that needs to be work out right now. I spoke to my proffessuer and he told me that since I have a D average in the class if I do well on the final I can get a really high C. I am so lost because I do not know if i want to withdraw altogether and start over focus more on the class or just take the C and just have all A's for my next science pre reqs courses. I feel really stupid and it makes me more motivated to do well this is my first science class I took since I switch my major from business. So now I feel like I understand this style now and for the lab I am getting an A in the class for the A &P lab so its just the lecture I am struggling which the most I can get is a C. Any advice would be appreciated. Should I withdraw or continue to study and hope for the best?

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A "W" is much better than the "D" that you quite possibly may earn.


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Well the most I can get is very high C average in the class according to what my teacher say?

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If you're getting a high C then I think you should consider withdrawing. For my nursing program though a C is good enough to stay in the program. Check with your school's nursing program policy about grade minimum for non-nursing courses.

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The most you can get is a C... and you're presently getting a D.

Bail out, if you can.


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Yes, bail. A D will look worse than a W. People withdraw for all sorts of reasons, it doesn't have to be because you're not doing well.

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I'd bail myself before its too late. You say the teacher said its possible for you to get a high C if you do well on the final. How "well"? Like 90's or so..less, what kind of grade is the teacher talking about in order to be considered "well". Do you have enough confidence that you can score that high for the final. If not, get out while the gettings good.

A D looks worse than a W, regroup, go back next term and ace it.