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  1. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    Oh interesting! I didn’t know that it was extra help. For the first few weeks is it didactic and some scheduled precepted time on the floors? Then they set you free as extra help?
  2. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    I applied to a bunch, the neonatal ICU one (#68), progressive care (#140), med/surg and their specialty training programs (#280). I never got a response back for the med surg one, so not sure if I made the list or not. I haven’t heard back from anyon...
  3. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    I applied too but just got an email stating I was on the waitlist. I'm pretty far down so don't think I'll get any calls for interview. =(
  4. Yes-agree with everything you said! At this point I’m not as willing to move locations as much as I’m willing to bite the bullet and give bedside a try. I may have an opportunity in the fall to do NICU as an RN, so will see how that goes. If it all f...
  5. Hi, thanks for sharing this! I know who she is and also follow her content. I’ve done the workshop/course she has to offer and been a part of her subscription/group before but I feel like I just haven’t had much luck in the “real world”. I spoke with...
  6. HCA StaRN NICU Program - Good Sam

    Did anyone else apply to the upcoming cohort for the StaRN NICU Program at Good Sam in San Jose? I applied and did an interview with the nurse manager, and was told I'd later do panel interviews next week. Technically the program starts in a couple w...
  7. Wow thank you so much for this heads up!! Will look up today! Are their new grad positions just listed as “clinical nurse 1”?
  8. Thanks so so much! You and Spinmass are doing a great job with advertising the opportunities and benefits outside of CA haha
  9. Hi! Thank you so much! At the moment I’m going to try applying broadly where I am and see if that takes me anywhere. I think if push comes to shove, I wouldn’t be opposed to relocating for a short period. I just want to know, are there EVER Californi...
  10. Thank you so so much! This means a lot to me, more than you know!
  11. LOL thank you for the response! I was discussing this on another post, and one of my reasons for going back to bedside IS to get more experience that might help me get into acute care roles as a PNP—if that’s what I really end up wanting to do. I fee...
  12. Hi, original poster here! Thank you Nurse Beth for answering this one so quickly. I've changed jobs about 3 times in the 7 years I've worked - done FQHC/community health care, school-based health center, and now work for a larger organization (ala Di...
  13. Thank you for your advice! I did work as an RN while in school- outpatient settings only though. I knew someone that worked as an RN in a long term care facility for years but was still accepted into a new grad program because it wasn’t in the hospit...
  14. I've been an NP for the past 7 years but I've been thinking about doing bedside nursing for the past 4 years. I keep trying and trying to change my NP jobs to see if I'll find better satisfaction, but I've come to realize that I'm just not happy with...
  15. California NPs - trouble with finding "the" job?

    I actually do work for a large chain company (a la Dignity, Sutter, Kaiser although I don't want to specifically say which!), and ALL of their NPs and PAs are 50% admin and 50% clinic within my region.