Can I work in a level 3 NICU with only level 2 experience?

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I'm likely moving for family reasons next year. I'd have about 1 year of NICU experience in a level 2–would I be a candidate at all for any level 3s? 

new grads go into level 3's, why wouldn't you be able to?

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new grads go into level 3's, why wouldn't you be able to?

I'm just unfamiliar with how the hierarchy of NICUs work! ? when I look at certain job postings where I am for level 3's, they all say "1 year of level 3 experience" specifically 

You should definitely still apply. In my experience, the 'preferred experience' is more like a wishlist. For instance, if they posted the job and only people with adult med-surg experience applied, they'd eventually have to draw from the applicant pool they have. You may not be quite as competitive as someone with several years of level 3 experience, but you're much more competitive than someone without any neonatal/peds experience. All units should be perfectly capable of adjusting your orientation based on your experience level.

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It doesn't hurt to apply. I think the fact that you have experience in that environment is something! I've reached out to nursing educators in Level 3 Hospitals asking about the hiring process and likelihood of getting hired without any experience in NICU, and they had responded to me and felt supportive. Go for it, follow your dreams!

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