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  1. viccy274

    Ohio testing time

    do anyone know how long it takes to process apllication and send ATT in Ohio board of nursing pls.
  2. viccy274

    ncsbn comprehensive online nclex-rn review class

    i am currently taking the 5 weeks, it is very helpful better than kaplan or sauders
  3. viccy274

    need help pls

    I am currently taking a review course now but IBON won't even give me another chance
  4. viccy274

    need help pls

    the BON in Indiana deny me of testing for NCLEX after 5 attempts do anyone know if it is possible to apply for it in another state so as to take the NCLEX. pls help me, i will like to know what to do
  5. viccy274

    refresher course

    can anyone tell me which of all the refresher courses is 95% passing rate. i am currently takind NCSBN, pls let me know
  6. viccy274

    Computer shut down at 265...good pop up

  7. viccy274

    failed nclex

    i did mosby cd both times, and i thought i passed this second time but unfortunately i failed. i had 85 question the first time and 164 the second time.
  8. viccy274

    failed nclex

    hi everyone, i have failed nclex twice now, i am frustrated, dont know what to do. pls any advice on how to prepare for it third time.